Sunday, November 25, 2007

It ain't cheap

Well, here's a news flash, hotels in New York are expensive. I've been doing some poking around today to see where might be a reasonably priced place to stay. Ummmm, I guess I need to redefine reasonably priced. I haven't found too many place in Manhattan for less than $200 a day. Since I was thinking of staying there for about four night, well, that adds up in a fairly big hurry.

So I strongly suspect if I go, I'll end up staying in Brooklyn or New Jersey and make the commute. Yeah, it costs me a bit of time, but I figure it will save me hundreds of dollars. Which could be better spent on Yankees games, tickets to Avenue Q or other fun things. But if anyone can suggest a place in Manhattan, I'm all ears.

Anyway, I have one trip to take care of coming up before I can think about another one later on. One thing at a time.

Besides, I'm feeling like crap today, hence the relatively short post. And it's not all muscle aches from the weekend. There's always a bug of some sort kicking around Iqaluit. Given how mentally fuzzy I've felt all day, I wonder if I'm not coming down with a bug. I hope not, but it's kind of out of my hands at this point.

Right. A more constructive post tomorrow.


Simon said...

NY ain't cheap at all by NJ is cheaper. I've been there lots so I know your pain.

I assume you are not going to bother with renting a car down there because there is just no point anyways.

So get a train/subway map of the city and check out where the stations are on the NJ side. Then look for hotel near there. You should find something OK to stay in, no more than a quick subway/train ride away and not too expensive.

Anonymous said...

Try a search for apartments. A friend went for a couple of days and paid $100 a night. I will see if I can get the name of the place...