Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday night update

Not much to report this evening. I've spent most of the time playing with the new computer. I think I finally have all the files transferred over, the programs updated or downloaded that I need. I'm still organizing files a bit as I let the iBook get quite sloppy towards the end. Plus, it's going to take days for me to explore all the new features on the new operating system.

It's funny the things you fall in love with right away, though. I absolutely love the keyboard. I'd been grumbling in recent weeks that the iBook's keyboard was what was preventing me from doing much writing recently. I have no such excuse with this machine. The keyboard is a dream.

Tomorrow should be interesting. It's the annual Iqaluit Christmas Craft Fair, which means two hours of pure madness at the high school. And while there's plenty of junk, there ought to be a few gems hidden into the mix. We picked up a beautiful narwhale sculpture there last year. So nice we didn't have the heart to give it away as a gift.

As for the weather, well, last year is was a bitter cold -30 or so. Tomorrow is calling for lots of rain and snow with temperatures getting as high as 3. So we shall see which is worse. I suspect tomorrow is going to be more trecherous for walking and getting around, but at least we won't freeze or ass off in the line up to get in.

That's it for this evening, kids. Hopefully more interesting news tomorrow...

Last Five
All songs came from "Sleepy Little Sailor" by Oh Susanna


KOTN said...

Damn fine album

towniebastard said...

Absolutely. I lost the album when my first iPod crashed. I eventually caved and bought it again, I liked it that much. I also got to see her play at the Ship Inn several years ago. Just her, a guitar and about 100 people packed into that tiny bar. But it was a great show.