Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So the shinny new computer arrived today. Well, let's be more specific here...I went and retrieved the shinny new computer from the bowels of Arctic Express. Having grown frustrated with calling both UPS and Arctic Express and getting nowhere, I decided a more direct approach was required. So I went to their office and spoke with the person manning the desk and told them that UPS said my package should be here.

And lo and behold, there it was. I've spent most of the evening tweaking and setting up different things. Obviously I'm liking it quite a bit right now. The keyboard is amazing and I'm liking lots of the little things I'm seeing so far. It'll take another couple of days before I have it broken in and set up the way I like.

Two more bits of surreality with regards to the computer. First was a conversation I had with UPS yesterday. This is exactly how it went.

UPS: That's strange. You should have your package by now.
Me: Well, I don't.
UPS: Well, I'm not sure where it is, but you should get it by tomorrow.

I just love that. There's something completely surreal about that statement. About not knowing where it is, yet have the utter certainty that I will get it, not soon, but the very next day. And hey, she was right, so maybe she's onto something.

The other bit was the shipping information on the side of the box. There was a sticker attached to the box saying when it shipped from Montreal to Iqaluit. It was November 7. Now, someone can correct me on this, but that means it was in Iqlauit since last Thursday at least. That means, and here's the point that had me fuming today, when I called on Friday and Tuesday at Arctic Express and asked for my package, it was there. They said they'd call back if it was, but they never did.

So that means they not only didn't get around to delivering a package that was in their warehouse, they couldn't be bothered to go and check to see if it was there.

Now, I could be wrong and if I am I will own up to it. But I don't think I am. So let's make this perfectly clear - if you are shipping something into Nunavut and it has to get there in a hurry you should absolutely never use either Fed Ex or UPS. Because both contract out to Arctic Express, which doesn't seem to be able to deliver items in a timely fashion. Need something shipped fast, use Canada Post.

Anyway, that's the vent. I am now going to go and enjoy my new toy some more.

Edit: Ooops. Forgot to put in my last five last night

Last Five
1. When loves comes to town - U2 and B.B. King*
2. Mari Mac - Great Big Sea
3. Barons of Suburbia - Tori Amos
4. Kiss on my list - Hall and Oates (I know, I know...)
5. I'm so tired - The Beatles


Anonymous said...

Your dad would be so happy to see that lovely Canada Post endorsement. He taught you well. haha.
But seriously, that is a shipping nightmare. I get anxious waiting for my purchases to arrive, and they always arrive within a few days. I can only imagine how frustrating it is when waiting for an expensive new toy to arrive. Frustrating to say the least.
Glad to hear it arrived safely in the end, enjoy your toy!
- Terri Lynn

Jen said...

We don't have arctic express here thank god (sounds a little like planet express from Futurama to me)!The UPS package just shows up at the airport and the first air/mayor guy calls me to pick it up, but the airport is only open a couple hours a day. It's all pretty high tech lol. Will you call and complain to these people that they are horrible?

towniebastard said...

Yes, my father, the world's biggest booster of Canada Post. Then again, he keeps refusing to retire, so I guess there's something about the job that keeps him coming back (hint: it's the money).

Jen, both UPS and Apple will be getting letters citing my complaints. I'd complaing to Arctic Express, but I know I'm not the first to do so and they've taken no action so far to correct the situation. It's pretty easy to figure out they simply don't care. They might if UPS starts ragging on them.

aida said...

same here, we dont have arctic express, its handled by our lumber supply store. they are good with the husband since he gets lot of stuff for work from UPS and the guys there call him when the stuff comes in.

Arctic express sounds horrible though! And I agree, Canada post is way more reliable.

J Consortium said...

Yay, that means my Mac should be here today, since you ordered yours exactly one week before mine. UPS says mine is in Winnipeg. So close, yet so far away.

I have no idea where it will wind up once it gets in Rankin. UPS seems to go to the airport, the post office, or our Arctic Express-type store (M&T Enterprises). I am so anxious for it and it's annoying not being able to predict where it'll go.


Anonymous said...

Surreality ???? Writer ????