Thursday, November 15, 2007

Zen and brains

1. So much for my "zen master of curling title", which was always more than half ironic to me. I was nice and relaxed in tonight's game, until I missed a shot in the sixth end, so that instead of scoring six I gave up a steal of one. Then missed a couple of shots in the seventh, another steal of three. And there went the zen master thing, up in smoke. Or, more accurately, in a cloud of profanity.

Which is annoying. I really thought I was doing better and keeping my temper when I missed shots this year, but apparently there are still ways to go on this yet. sigh...

On the upside, while I did have two players fall down, at least no one was injured this evening, so that's a positive. ANd to give credit where it's due, Stephanie curled a hell of a game.

2. Cathy knows that when I die my preference is to be cremated. Just because I would prefer not to run the risk of coming back as a zombie. Which I think would suck. But anyway, find a pizza oven and stick me in it. The take the ashes, bring me out to Cape Spear and toss me to the wind. Or, stick me in a 2L Coke bottle with a note, so that if some 13 year old kid in France finds me, I can cause one last lingering bit of trauma.

However, the one thing I do not want happening is this. People have been taking the ashes of their dearly departed and sprinkling them around Disney rides, like the Haunted House and Pirates of the Caribbean. As this is a health hazard, not to mention the US tends to freak out when people start scatting fine powder in public places, Disney is having issues with this.

All I will say is this - If Cathy spreads my ashes at a Disney park, I will haunt her for eternity.

3. There are no shortage of comic books about zombies these days. Zombies and the new monkeys. Or pirates. Or Robot Overlords. Ooooh, look, the robot overlords have video.

Ahem, anyway. Zombies. Lots of zombie tales these days. But this comic looks like it could be fun. It's done by a creator living in Halifax, which is pretty cool. And I like the art and story from the preview pages.

Oddly, two people came to mind when I was reading it. First was my friend Tara Murphy, who is a big fan of zombies. Probably has something to do with her working on horror movies in the past as a special effects person. Which is a pretty cool job. The other person is Sheena. No idea why. I don't know her all that well. And yet, I think she would get a kick out of it.

Anyway, it's now on my list to buy. Unless some kind soul wants to buy me a zombie comic for Christmas. Because nothing says Happy Holidays quite like brains. Braaaaaiiiinsssss......

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J Consortium said...

The ashes thing is one of the more baffling things I've ever heard. Isn't the point of spreading ashes that you get to exist for "eternity" wherever they are spread? At Disney World/Land, the ashes would blow away, get swept up by a janitor, stepped on, spat on, vomited on, and generally NOT stay in the location they were spread. Plus it just seems unsanitary for the unsuspecting people who step in or touch the ashes. Yuck.


Kate Nova said...

I think the idea of being swept up by an underpaid janitor slightly appealing in a tragi-comic sort of way.

Re: curling - Go Steph! Errr...I mean...I'm so conflicted...who to cheer for.

I stopped by the rink for a second after class, but I guess I left before the excitement. Or just didn't know enough about the game to know when the excitement was acually occurring, hahaha. Probably the latter.

towniebastard said...

Considering my job and Stephanie's, I'm sure I know where your allegiances lie.

Personally, I think she tricked me. She was acting all nice and stuff and asking me questions about strategy and then Wham! Next thing I know she's kicking my ass.

It probably has to do with me indirectly messing up a couple of her stories. Nice on the outside, devious on the inside. I'll keep that in mind next time we play.