Sunday, September 10, 2006

Your weekly Boo update

I really wasn't planning on doing this every week, figuring people will quickly get tired of seeing the dog. But I am getting requests, which are beginning to hedge towards demands, from relations that a new photo fix is needed.

So here you go, Boo at a little under four months old.

It's also becoming apparent that if I disappeared that it might take Cathy a few days to notice I was gone.


Terri Lynn said...

He is just the cutest dog in the world. Is he adapting well to apartment life, house training and all that?
He looks pretty content and happy. As does Cathy. :)

colette said...

When are you getting the webcam dammit so I can talk to the puppy properly?!
He is absolutely adorable. And here I sit, pet-deprived for several more weeks.....waaaahhhhh.
I'm glad it's working out for all of you. All I could think of was "what if the breed really isn't all that hypoallergenic...?!"

His Nibs said...

Last night I had to suffer through several 'Awww's over my shoulder as I scrolled down the Boo pics. And then it happened all over again as I passed over Lady M's pics of Hayden.

What is it about small fluffy things and babies that affect people so? Sure, they're cute, but why is 'awww' the response? Any psycho-linguists have an answer?

No? I guess I have to settle for Wikipedia's entry on cute, which unfortunately says nothing about the Awww Reflex(TM).

regards, cat` (admitting Boo is pretty darn cute)

towniebastard said...

Ummm, Corey, if Donna is going "awww" and being affected by cute furry things and babies, you might have other worries to deal with...;)

I'd go with the cute furry things. They tend to be cheaper.