Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In the Wake of Empires

I'm home sick today, which is something I almost never do. But I feel like crap, would get little work done and would probably only make my co-workers feel sick as well. So I'm doing something I almost never do and burning a sick day.

Normally this would mean moping around the house or reading a book/comic. I've long since learned that trying to watch daytime TV does not make me feel better and is, in fact, more likely to make me want to kill myself.

However, I got a bonus bit of reading material today. After much delay and a whole lot of typing, Dups has finally got the journal of his recent travels put online. Some of you may recall me mocking him back in June, saying the odds of him surviving the trip were slim. Well, he did survive and as best I can figure, he isn't married to a Russian mafia bride either.

I'm only part way through the journal so far. It comes in at more than 45,000 words, so there is a bit of reading to keep me going. There is also Dups' as usual excellent photography to enjoy. Go here and read with awe how one many could get himself in that much trouble, drink that much alcohol, and climb mountains and yet remain alive.

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