Saturday, September 23, 2006

Your Boo update...

I won't be doing weekly Boo updates, mainly because I suspect people will quickly get tired of seeing the dog. However, I'll probably end up doing something ever two weeks or every month.

Last Wednesday was his four month birthday. Which means we're still deep in the puppy stage. He is sleeping through the night now, which is good. However, he's also still in his chewing stage and it's taking awhile for him to get some basic commands down. He's also horrible around food. Either vacuuming it off the floor as soon as it hits, begging at the table or even today outside of town, when we had to stop him from eating berries all the time.

Still, they're minor complaints. He's a good dog and is making Cathy very happy. Plus, she's picking on him, which is leaving me free and clear for the first time in ages. So for that reason alone, I love this dog...

It'll be interesting to see how many more walks he's going to get. There's snow on the hills outside of Iqaluit. I've been told that once the snow sticks to those hills you have two weeks until there is snow down for the winter in the city. And it's been hovering around 3 C for the last week. So we'll see. If that works, then it should be around October 7th and there will be snow around.

And while I'm dying to see Boo's reaction, I'm not sure how much cold he's going to be able to handle.

White lightening zipping across the tundra...

I'm fond of this shot.


Joe Gorman said...


Here's a behavior modification technique that work's well. Put 10 pennies in a soft drink can. Shake it whenever he's chewing on something he shouldn't or during any undesireable activity. Work's well for barking also.

Dog's don't like that sound.

Joe Gorman
St. John's

Kirsten said...

When you catch him chewing, it also helps if you can startle him (with the pennies, or just with a loud NO if the pennies aren't handy) when he doesn't realize you're there. Then he learns that you are omniscient and that it doesn't work to only chew things when you're not around.

Of course, maybe this works too well, because we've noticed Dexter doesn't usually chew his rawhides while we're away, but will joyfully dig into them after we arrive home... But it did help to stop the stealth chewing when he went through the chewy puppy phase.

colette said...

No way! There can never be too many pictures of Boo. I demand updates, frequently and regularly. Send 'em my way. I also volunteer to puppysit over Christmas. He looks like such a happy spoiled puppy.