Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday TV

The official start to the new TV season starts on Sunday (that's when NBC, ABC and CBS begin launching their new programming) so new shows are still somewhat slim pickings. Of the new shows that Fox has been airing, the only one I've been giving any time to has been Justice, which is proving to be amusing. As for established shows, House is off to a much better start this season than last, when it struggled out of the gates with the ill-conceived romance story. The new story with House being able to walk normally and the mind games his co-workers and "friends" are playing to get him to be less of a bastard is interesting.

As for Survivor, well, the race thing doesn't infuriate me like it does some people. Although I do find it interesting, as this article states, that 13 of the 20 people on the show have SAG (Screen Actors Guild) cards. Hmmm...I suspect the more interesting reactions will not be the different tribes competing on the show, but rather how people react to the show overall. As far as I'm concerned, if this is an example of the worst kind of racism in America, some people aren't looking very hard.

Although I do like the idea the writer makes in an off-hand way about doing a Survivor by religious divisions. I'm not even talking about Christian vs. Muslim vs. Hindu vs. Buddhist. I'd be interested in watching Catholics vs. Pentecostals vs. Methodists vs. Baptists. That would amuse me for a few months.

Then again, it's possible I don't have the largest amount of respect for organized religions.

Still, this evening we'll likely be watching an older show that we're never really bothered with before. That being Kink on Showcase. Yeah, yeah…I know the reactions.

I've never really cared for Kink. I recall joining in with my former co-workers in steadily mocking the show. I think they were ridiculing it for the content. But I have a couple of friends who are into the BDSM scene and a few more who if they aren't, I'd be quite surprised. I have no problems with people who are into that lifestyle. My problem is the show is a cheaply made, boring piece of crap. If you can take people into a lifestyle that many people would consider a bit outside the norm and make it boring and tedious, then clearly you're doing something very wrong. I'm not saying it has to be pornographic. I am saying it has to be interesting.

However, we're watching the new season of the show now because it's set in Halifax and a friend of ours is supposed to make an appearance in the show at some point this season. We're hoping sooner rather than later, you understand, so we can stop watching this piece of shit show.

I suspect it will be a bit weird, watching our friend beating someone for fun and pleasure on TV (pretty sure she's a dom). Still, it's not everyday you get to see a friend on TV, let alone wearing leather and using a whip. I must make a mental note to get her autograph when I'm home for Christmas. Hopefully I won't get punished for asking out of turn, though…

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John Mutford said...

My wife and I had fun coming up with other divisions the show could try at later seasons. Can't share them here cause they'd be more offensive than anything else, so use your imagination.