Wednesday, September 20, 2006

House and Smith

I wasn't really being sold on House last night as it read a little too much like "A Very Special Episode on Euthanasia." Yes, House got to get in a few good quips, especially the one about telling the coma patient (whom House put into a coma against his wishes) to "not go towards the light. You'll fal off the bed and break something" And the bit with House and the jailbait was...odd. Apparently it's going to be dealt with next episode.

I know House has a messed up views on sex, but I hope there is a little more going on here than just a mid-life crisis. Oh, for that matter, I hope the issue with his leg isn't completely resolved yet.

The main thing that annoyed me, I suspect, was the Cameron was all over the place on whether they should treat him or help him die. People were rightly calling her out on it, but I'm not sure it made sense for her. They've been turning her from more of a softie into someone, well, a little more like House over the past few seasons. Which I find interesting. But she seemed more like a first year med student in this episode, and I'm not sure that made sense.

I will say one thing, the show was saved in the last few minutes. While I am getting a bit tired of the musical montage at the end of each episode, that was an effective song playing over some gripping images. And the scene with House and Cameron in the chapel was moving.

What do you thing? Did House saying he was proud of her make Cameron feel better or worse?

As for Smith, a new caper drama, it's been getting mixed reviews so far. A few have incorrectly compared it to the work of Quentin Tarantino. It is a lot more like Michael Mann's movie Heat. Which I'm fine with because Heat is a classic.

I will agree with the critics on one thing, though. I have no idea how this is going to play out for a whole season without having some serious problems. And I have no idea how it's going to work as a multi-season show.

But hell, any show with Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen in it, I'm going to give it a try. The premise, that Liotta's character seems like a boring salesman, but in fact is a master criminal who has a crew that works high profile robberies, is a pretty good one. The action sequences are good (really good. So good it makes you wonder, once again, if they can keep this up all year) and there are enough bits of damaged goods in the show as supporting cast (especially Amy Smart) that I'm intrigued.

My favourite thing is what's going on with Madsen's character. Does she know what her husband does, because she clearly knows something is up. Is she in on it? And what's up with the drug test?

Watching this show I wish my friends Seamus and Dups were here. We're all Tarantino fans. We loved Liotta in Goodfellas. And we loved Heat. It's a guy show, make no doubt. And I like it a whole lot. Now here's seeing if they can keep the momentum going...


dups said...

I accidentally caught Smith last night, was wondering what Liotta and Madsen were doing on television and, yeah, I actually enjoyed it. This coming from the man who loses cable again forever in a week.

Did remind me lot of watching Goodfellas, Liotta is so much a Goodfella.


His Nibs said...

Unfortunately, the shows I want to see are all on channels I do not have:

Battlestar Galactica. Amazingly enough, they have some between-season web episodes - so I'm almost ready to forgive them for releasing a DVD of just 1/2 the second season. Almost.

The 4400, Eureka, Heroes - would love to see them too. Ahh, well.

I watched most of Smith. It looked very well produced, and I was impressed with the technical elements of the show's writing/production. But I couldn't get into it at all, mostly because I dislike the characters. Unlike, say, the Very Bad Men in The Godfather, here there doesn't seem to be anything interesting or redeemable about them. It would be brilliant if one of them was in the second season revealed to be an undercover cop, though I'd still not tune in...

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (SSotSS), on the other hand, brought me in. I might not follow it week to week, but it's something I like when I happen to see it - just like the West Wing. You might like to read an early draft of the script.

I tuned out House halfway through, so I missed the redemptive 'emotifloat' - that annoying musical montage that ends most dramas now because the writers don't know how to pen concluding dialogue.

regards, cat`
regards, cat`

Pat the Wench said...

Cameron definitely felt worse, not better, when House told her he was proud of her. I do think he was proud of her for actually taking a stand, as opposed to shooting the old guy full of dope to send him off.

Cameron's character is definitely starting to grate on my nerves though: too whiny and idealistic.

towniebastard said...

And we all know that as a "seasoned" professional lawyer, your idealism has long been since burned away. I don't know if you ever had a tolerance for whining.

Btw, I thought of this after posting, I believe this is the first time House has ever complimented a member of his team.

Pat the Wench said...

Thank you for saying "seasoned" and not "pickled".

Practising law did not burn away my idealism. I never had any.