Friday, September 08, 2006


Via Aint it Cool News comes a link to the brand new James Bond movie trailer. Which ought to make Helmut a very happy girl.

I must admit, it's looking pretty good right now. Granted, trailers are such that if you can't make a movie looking interesting there, then the movie is pretty well doomed. Trailers these days are designed to tell you how great a movie is; trailers are to tell you that there is a possibility that it doesn't suck completely.

Anyway, it has potential. Maybe Daniel Craig won't be a bust as Bond like I thought (shades of Timothy Dalton). Although I still maintain that Clive Owen would have been better...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Craig, that was hot!

I would have had no problem with Clive Owen either, but I think Daniel Craig is an interesting choice. I hope he proves the haters wrong!