Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quick boost

So I discovered if you want a quick boost in your page stats, put the word "Apple" or "Mac" in your subject header and then talk about the computers for a little bit. There are at least two different websites which apparently put up links to any bloggers talking about the computers. Yesterday they linked to me.

To call my traffic stats for Monday retarded would be an understatement. I know that anytime someone links to you there can be a boost in traffic. Ed did it last week about my Idol rant and there was a small spike in traffic (Ed can be modest all he wants, I suspect he's the most read blogger in the province). But it was nothing compared to what I got yesterday. Approximately 400 page loads along with 300 unique visitors.

I know that's small potatoes for some, but that's running about 100 per cent over my normal traffic levels. So yeah, weirdness. It would be nice to hold onto some of that traffic, though. So if you're visiting for the first time – Hi. Welcome to the Canadian arctic.

Next week marks an anniversary for this blog. Not the first time I posted, which was in February 2005. Or even the anniversary of its resurrection after months of neglect, which would have been earlier this month. No, around October 5 was when I first started using Statcounter to keep track of how many people were coming to visit, who they were and where they were coming from. So on that day I think I'll do a look back on how my traffic was then as compared to now and what, if anything, I should do to boost it some more.

Without getting into it too much, I think it was a pretty good year, especially considering how little work I put into trying to draw traffic here...


Ed Hollett said...

"Awwwwr Gorsch" as Goofy would say.

Funny things drive traffic through search engines. It's a mugs game to figure it out.

I have had people googling odd phrases I have used. Someone today googled MacDonald's wheat and got a thing I posted on Micky D's PR fiasco on fries last year.

Then there's the person who consistantly google's "Sue Kelland Dyer." (It's called an ego search for a reason.

I linked to your post for a reason. You likely saw a modest increase in traffic.

For the record, the Big Blogger in NL is like Damian Penny from Corner Brook. This guy has a global audience measured in the thousands daily.

towniebastard said...

Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about Damian because he's not on the NL blogroll. Also, unless he's changed, Damian doesn't actually talk about Newfoundland that much. Still, he does get the most traffic.

As for strange searches, I know all about them. I had today for a guy searching, no kidding "Clarenville Swinging Heaven". And I thought to myself "there's a man that's either going to be disappointed or is clearly out of touch with reality..."

Sue said...

It's called an ego search?
Grow up.
It's called a sore loser for a reason too Ed.