Sunday, October 23, 2005

Well, that would suck...

Courtesy of a link from Fark (and kudos to the submitter for the excellent headline for the link) there is a story about a possible massive storm should Hurricane Wilma and Tropical Storm Alpha meet up later this week.

It looks like it would dump a ton of rain and snow on the north-east U.S. and into Canada. It would also likely hit Newfoundland at some point.

Which, while it would suck for most people, would doubly suck for some of Cathy's family. One of her cousin's decided to get married in Cancun in the last week or so. A lot of Cathy's aunts and uncles on her mom's side made the trip down to watch the wedding and get some sun. For various reasons, Cathy's mom passed.

Anyway, if you've been watching the news, you know that Cancun has been hammered the past few days by Wilma. Her aunts have been in touch and they're okay. They had to leave their resort and they're holed up in the basement of a school inland from the storm. Still, not a pleasent way to spend a vacation and a bit scary to boot.

They figure it's going to take several days after the storm passes for things to get normal enough for them to get back to the hotel and get their belongings (they had to leave almost everything behind) and then catch a plane home. It would be their luck to fly back just in time to get hit by Wilma a second time. That would suck.

Here's hoping that doesn't happen. But with the way hurricanes have been happening this year, who the hell knows.

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