Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Television from hell

Still no signs of our boxes of stuff. It was pretty windy with snow kicking around, so I imagine it wasn't exactly the kind of night you want to take a large, flat barge across an open bay top heavy with big metal containers. Since there are only two windows you can do this each day (about 7 in the morning and 7 in the evening because of high tide), I think they've been slower than normal. Plus, there are two boats out there to off-load.

So instead of that, we present to you yet another education part of life in Iqaluit. In this lesson, it's television.

There are two ways to get TV in Iqaluit: cable and satellite. We get cable (which, to be honest, is still probably routed through a satellite). These people get their TV from a satellite dish (Photo taken last week before the snow hit).

Which, as you may have noticed, is pointing pretty well straight into the ground. Now, coming from Newfoundland, I'm use to seeing dishes pointed at odd angles. Like straight at the horizon. But these dishes are pointing into the ground.

So unless I'm misunderstanding things, this can only lead me to one of two conclusions.

1. Satellite signals can travel through rock. And make no mistake, my friends, it's most rock around here. Locals hear people refer to Newfoundland as "The Rock" and giggle.
2. These people are getting satanic television. Yes, TV from hell. Because that's where the dishes are pointing. Right to hell.

Then again, considering we're paying about $75 a month for about 55 channels, of which at least a third are either A. French B. Religious or C. Community channels, I might start seriously looking into STV (Satanic TeleVision). It can't be much worse.

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Anonymous said...

Craig, the dish is used to reflect the signal from a point in the sky towards the 'antenna mast', here pointed at the ground.