Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh bugger

Oh well, at least we made it until October....

We've had flurries for a few days now, so it's not like this was a surprise. And there have been a few mornings when you get up and there would be a lite dusting of snow on the ground, but it would quickly melt once the sun got higher.

But I have the sneaking suspicion that this dusting is going to last awhile. Like until, oh, I don't know, May. The picture, by the way, is the view from our window. It's not much of a view, but hey, it beats looking at the hotel across the way, which is what we would see if we were on the other side of the corridor.

Our last shipment of stuff has also come in. I'll be posting photos of that over the next few days. It should make for an interesting tale. That's providing, of course, I can still find my computer after 1,600 pounds of food and dried goods along with 500 pounds of personal belongings squeeze in here. Ack.

Then again, I refuse to complain about the apartment being too small. It can always be worse.

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Liam O'Brien said...

How's the hunting there?