Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On air

Ummm, hello to all those people apparently checking out the blog for the first time today. Behold the power of linking, as it were. Seems the "How to Pitch to an Entertainment Writer" is slightly more popular than I thought. A nod of thanks to Kirsten and Darren for linking to the article. That's where most of the traffic seems to be coming from.

There is one more part, which I should post either this evening or tomorrow. Once it's finished, I'll probably make it part of the sidebar, so people don't have to dig through the archives in order to find it.

Also, if people are curious to know what I sound like, I will be on Raven Rock this afternoon at 5 pm EST. Raven Rock is Iqaluit's rock radio station. I applied for a dj job, but because I have no board experience they didn't give it to me. However, they were impressed with my voice and bantering abilities (I was on air Saturday for a couple of hours with one of their djs and had fun) to offer me an hour or two each week to get some practice.

I can't guarentee what kind of music that will be played as I'm not sure how much control of the selection I will have, but it should be amusing.


Helmut said...

Right on, Craig. Good luck, and I wish I could have a listen here in Sin John's.

towniebastard said...

Well, you can, actually. If you go to their website, they have streaming audio...at least they should. So you can listen anywhere in the world.

First show wasn't too bad...I got to play a lot of stuff I liked...although I'm obviously limited to what's in their computer. So when I went looking for Matt Mays, there's only one song. They didn't have the new Great Big Sea until I asked them to load it in for me.

And no Ryan Adams at all....sigh.

Still, it was fun for an hour. I'll be back next week. When I get a job up here, I still might do the show, but at a different time.

Helmut said...

Duhhhh, I shoulda checked the link. Thanks.