Friday, October 14, 2005

That explains things

I was wondering why I was getting a spike in the number of people visiting my blog. I installed Statcounter to the site because I was genuinely curious to see who was visiting and why. It's pretty addicitive, really. I like popping around the numbers, seeing what's what.

So the increase over the past three days seems to be attributed to two things. First, I did a review of the new Great Big Sea record and when people are doing searches for GBS, I'm showing up somewhere down the line (waaaaayyyy down the line, but I'm there.) And secondly, Geoff Meeker, a media columnist with The Express mentioned me in his column this past week. So some fans of my Reload column (apparently they exist) are making their way over here.

Alas, I can't link to the column because it's not online. Which is a pity. I always liked reading Geoff's columns. Drop me a line and let me know what the latest media gossip is. Oh, and I'll try and keep the wit at the snarky, sarcastic and biting level to which you've become accustomed.

It's very weird know that people are reading this, and that the numbers seem to be increasing. I initially viewed blog writing much like I viewed writing for The Muse (don't bother with the link as they haven't done anything with the site in about a year. And just on the off-chance anyone at the Muse is reading this, there is no good goddamn excuse for not having that site up and running) which is to say you do it for the writing exercise and for a bit of the ego stroke, but you really don't believe anyone is actually reading.

I remember the first time I realized someone was reading my stuff at the Muse. It was two girls sitting in front of me on a bus, talking about what movie to see that night. One vetoed a suggestion because I trashed it the paper that week and she said I was normally right.

By the way, for the record, I think that is the first and only time I've heard a woman say that about me.

So even with the feedback and the stat numbers, I'm only just beginning to realize that, yeah, in short order, people seem to be swinging by. So I shall try my best to be at least mildly entertaining and diverting for the few moments you swing to my small corner of the net.

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