Friday, October 21, 2005

Around Iqaluit

1. People are kind of reeling from how warm it has been in Iqaluit the past couple of days. It's getting towards late October. I certainly expected a lot more snow on the ground, for the harbour to be freezing and the temperatures to be well below zero.

Instead, as of 1 p.m. today, it was 6 degrees celcius. The average high temperature for this day is -3.1. The record high is 5.5 set two years ago. So I guess that record is falling today.

For God sake, I have windows open in the apartment today to let some fresh air in since I figure it was going to be at least April before I get to do that again. But at this rate, who knows.

I guess articles like this one, which flooded the internet in recent weeks, are just offering more proof about what's happpening in the arctic. I can remember a conversation with Cathy from when she was in Rankin Inlet. She had listened to some of the community's elders speak and they were confused and worried about the climate changes. They were losing the ability to predict the weather, as they had for decades.

It is freaking out people. Yes, there might be some more economic opportunities, but ways of life that have remained unchanged for centuries are also at risk. It's scary times.

2. I just like this editorial from the Nunatsiaq News about violence in the community. We haven't seen much of it and that's because we're still leading fairly sheltered lives up here. But speaking as someone who lives above a bar, it's certainly no problem to hear the yelling and screaming from the bar, especially around closing time.

I know that's the case with almost any bar. Hell, it's certainly the case in St. John's. But you read this and you certainly become more aware of it. It's also proof that we still have a lot more to learn about our new home.

3. And on a completely shallow note, after this evening I will no longer have to tolerate the gentle mocking of my friends as Serenity finally opens in town.

They're not the best theatres in the world, but Astro Theaters aren't too bad. We're getting most movies within a month of their release and a not bad selection. Along with Serenity, we have Wallace and Gromit continuing (alas, The Corpse Bride only stayed a week. I thought it would be here longer, so I missed it), A History of Violence and The Greatest Game Ever Played are also opening.

I'll probably see all three of the opening films. And the selection of what's coming isn't too bad. I'm pleasently happy, I must say. I might even start reviewing again, albeit too late for it to really have any impact.

At some point,, perhaps this weekend, I'll also review what TV shows we've settled on this season, and why we're giving a pass on some of the other ones we tried out.

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