Thursday, October 27, 2005

New on the side

It occurs to me that not everyone might know where Iqaluit is. Yes, it is the capital of Nunavut, but there are only about 6,500 people in the community. Hell, there are only 30,000 people in all of the territory. It's a small place. I was having to constantly explain to people last year where Rankin Inlet - where Cathy was teaching - was located. The answer, in case you're curious, is northwest Hudson Bay.

That's why I've added a map of where I'm located on the side courtesy of this website. There's actually a whole online community there, but I kind of doubt I'm going to take part in it. I just wanted the map.

I also added a link to which I found on Warren Ellis's website (As an aside, I love Warren's site, but if there is a link and he says to not look, take my advice and don't). Frappr is interesting in that it takes the maps powered by Google and from there you can show where you live on the map, include a photo and a shout out. Again, it's there to give you an idea of where I am in the grand scheme of things.

But also, by all means, take a minute and let me know where you are. I get an idea by looking at Sitemeter, but it's nice to see it on a map.

Tomorrow, a post on a particular pet peeve of mine - kids' names.

And finallly, I think I'm going to make this an ongoing thing, the last five songs my iPod has played. I find my iPod's mood interesting. Any of you who own one will no doubt be perplexed at what combination of songs are played when it's on shuffle. It's freaked me out more than once.

1. Is that all you got for me? - The Donnas (Gold Medal)
2. The gentleman soldier - The Pogues (Rum, Sodomy and the Lash)
3. Me and Julio down by the schoolyard - Paul Simon (Greatest Hits)
4. When will you come back home? - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals (Cold Roses)
5. Girl in green - Blue Rodeo (Just Like a Vacation)

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