Friday, October 07, 2005

Behold, strong kung-fu

I stumbled onto John Rogers site about a year ago. He was working with British author Warren Ellis in trying to get Ellis graphic novel Global Frequency made into a TV show. Sadly, the pilot was never picked up, although if you hunt around bittorrent sites you can probably find it. I recommend it highly. It had flaws, most TV pilots do. But it also had tremendous potential.

Anway, Ellis pointed the way over to Roger's blog. I was dubious since among the man's writing credits are screenplays for The Core and Catwoman (Dear Jesus). But one of the first things I read on his blog was this bit of genuis. It made me jump back from my computer and go "Yes, exactly. I might not always have liked those people, but I understood the need for them. Where the hell are they?"

Since then Rogers blog has been among my favourites online. Along with offering solid writing tips, there's also advice on selling your pitch to Hollywood (not like I'm going to need it, but still interesting), plenty of geek stuff and some outright hilarity.

There's also politics. His latest on George Bush's speech of Oct. 6 about Islamic threats is priceless. Go read it here.

"I am not spotting him eight hundred million Hindus. I call shenanigans." Brilliant.

Oh, and on the off-chance that my friend Karin - sadly trapped in deep in the heart of Republican Nebraska - is reading this, you might want to order one of those t-shirts he's talking about.

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