Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Last week I stumbled on to Nancy's blog where she was debating buying a new iPod Nano. I encouraged her because I think iPod's are wonderful, indispensible toys if you love music at all. Yes, I had my problems with my iPod fatally crashing and wiping out 3,800 songs (I still get weepy over that), however with a little work and luck I've managed to recover about 75% of the music I lost. I've also learned the value of a back-up hard drive, which I now have.

However, I said I wouldn't buy a Nano, as pretty as they are, because the drive was too small. Simply, 1,000 songs isn't enough for me. I like my 20 gig iPod which can hold about 4,500 songs. I like the idea of a portable radio station in my pocket, one that plays only songs that I like. I have literally gone months without hearing a song, forgetting that it was on my iPod, then hearing it and being pleasently surprised.

So I like the big iPods.

Which is why I love these...

Go here for more information.

Now, I'm not seriously considering buying one of these. My iPod is only a year old. Plus, you know, I'm an unemployed bum so I can't afford it. However, I will serious look at one of those - or whatever version exists then - in about a year's time. Thinner, can run video, better features, comes in black and has a much longer battery life. Oh yeah. If anyone out there has about $500 to drop and wants to buy me a Christmas/birthday/belated wedding gift one of those will be awfully nice.

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ok, now I want dat too.