Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday and I got nothing

Another quiet day here at the homestead. Honestly, I know the blog has been suffering a bit for lack of interesting subject matter, but these things happen. The blog goes through ups and downs as the year goes on and right now we're in a bit of a lull.

I mean, today was work, then supper (Cathy is catholic, so naturally we had pancakes today) I went to curling and then I came home to see Cathy watching the Westminister Dog Show. It makes Cathy very, very happy. I'd say it was like doggie porn, but really, that has certain negative conotations. Also, I'm now quite afraid of what kind of search engine results I'm going to get having put that phrase in the blog.

However, Cathy loves the show. It gives us a chance to look at a bunch of dogs and argue whether or not we would want to own one of those or not. Honestly, we'd own a half dozen dogs if we could. We may well at some point.

On an unrelated matter I find myself a touch torn at the curling at the Olympics. See, I know I'm supposed to cheer for Canada, but I hate Kevin Martin. So I actually found myself rooting for Norway a couple of times today when I checked in on the game. Besides, any team that would wear pants like the ones the Norwegian men's team were wearing today, well, you almost have to cheer for them a bit. Any team wearing those pants and thinking it was a good must be a bit touched in the heads.

By the way, cheering for them or not, I still don't think Martin is going to win. Call it a hunch. But we shall see.

Anyway, back tomorrow with hopefully a more coherent post

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tanker belle said...

I think you should post a photo of the Norweigan teams pants....it's not like we all follow curling but we all like to mock!

SRD said...

Those were definitely THE most bizarre trousers. I was watching Britain/Sweden, and kept getting distracted by the next rink over, which I guess was Canada/Norway? Were they actually all competing at the same time? Must be distracting, especially given the take here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2010/feb/16/great-britain-curling-winter-olympics on the relationship between Canada & UK

Morena said...

No mocking required! Those pants ROCKED! They say curling is the golf of the winter and those were golf pants if I've ever seen them. Kudos to Norway, I hope they keep wearing them. They made me happy.

Shanlee said...

Yes, those certainly are quite the pants. Being a curler myself I think there is some strategy in wearing those pants becuase it will drive the other team nuts! Just like weird game calling, neither I nor my skip can handle it, and it works because we get all worked up about their weird calls! :) It's all about strategy.

Anonymous said...

Just start blogging about how Danny and the Tories (and his heart) are destroying Newfoundland and the hits are sure to flood right in. All kinds of people will start tuning in. Of course, they'll think you're fucking bonkers, but they'll tune in in droves.

Steph said...

I'm late but tanker belle, here's a link to a pants pic: