Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out of sorts

So, not dead, merely out of sorts. I've just had a past few days where there have been a few things going on and trying to sit down and write a coherent post has proved to be a challenge. I was all set to sit and write about the opening ceremonies and first few days or the Winter Olympics, but that really jell properly. I mean, how much more can you say about an Olympics that features a death, a malfunctioning centrepiece, no snow and douchebags rioting? Let's call it an inauspicious start and leave it at that.

But hey, good on Alexandre Bilodeau for winning Canada's first gold medal on home soil. I was living in fear that this was going to be an ongoing thing, so that all the coverage was going to be "when is this going to happen?" At least it's over and done with.

I thought about doing a Valentine's Day post, but really, Cathy's very anti-Valentine's Day. So she got a dozen Gerber daisies, but that was as much a "thank you" for putting up with me during my recent extended bout of unemployment as it was a Valentine's Day gift. Oh, and I baked her chocolate chip cookies Saturday night. Tada! Valentine's Day. We were hoping to buy a mutual gift for the day - Wii Rock Band Beatles - but apparently I would have to break into someone's house who already has it, murder them and then take it for my own. And really, I think I might feel some guilt playing "All you need is love" under those circumstances.

There may be a few posts in the coming days about a lovely stack of graphic novels that I got in the mail last week. Again, a treat for my newly found employed status, I finally broke my six month dry spell with Chapters and Amazon and went whole hog on cleaning out my wish lists. And I going to review all of them? No. Frankly, I suspect most of you will not care about "Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 3: World's Most Wanted, Part 2" (although that is the winner for most contrived title), but there are some of these books, like "Battlefields" and even "Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade", that I think might be worth a few words.

So we'll see how it goes...I'm hoping to get back into sorts this week.

Last Five
1. End over end - Foo Fighters
2. Come back - Josh Rouse
3. Pilot - Ron Hynes*
4. Every time we say goodbye - Diana Krall
5. The beekeeper - Tori Amos

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chantal said...

I'm always glad to hear other people my age are also into graphic novels. I don't have an extensive collection or anything, but among my limited collection, I did pick up a few issues of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's graphic novels. (I miss that show) I also like the artwork in Manga. Any favourite artists?