Friday, February 26, 2010


sigh....well, that was a choke, no two ways about it. You have a chance to win it in the 10th and a chance to win it in the 11th and you don't deliver. And both of them were very doable shots. Maybe not a walk in the park, but still quite makeable. It really is too bad. She had a great week and Sweden just looked beat in the 10th end. They were just playing out a string.


Pity. I was thinking of doing a lengthier post on a new word I discovered today courtesy of an ESPN columnist. Of course, I can't find the column or the story right now, but the word is Culgar, which is a combination on Curler and Cougar. The columnist was commenting on the number of attractive women in women's curling and seemed particularly smitten with Cheryl Bernard. Perhaps not quite so smitten now.

God, I'm supposed to go out tomorrow night and watch the men's final at a friend's house. I'm actually feeling a little emotionally drained after that final. I'll manage, but if Saturday's game is like this one I'm going to be a wreck on Sunday.


The only other thing I can think of today was my reaction to this story about Premier Danny Williams making an appearance at the Winter Olympics. He also made the following quip - “If I collapse up here, please drag me to Seattle – because the Canadian Medical Association won’t have anything to do with me.”

Now, I guess it depends on where you fall on the political spectrum and your sense of humour. Some certainly might find that funny. My initial reaction when reading that was, "Christ, what a dick."

Seriously, it was a dick thing to say. I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humour and I can appreciate trying to use a joke or a wisecrack to defuse an awkward situation, but that just tweaked me the wrong way. That was a huge, pointless shitstorm he's kicked up the past month and then to come out and make that quip?

Nah, I don't think so, Mr. Premier. I might not be looking for or expecting tears and rending of garments, but dickish jokes shouldn't be on the agenda either.

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JH said...

That is kind of harsh. And give credit to Sweden. Norberg made the hit and roll in 10 which was the harder and lower percentage shot. Then the freeze in 11 was perfect. The missed draw for two in the 2nd was probably more of a choke.

towniebastard said...

Not too harsh....that was a straight forward hit and roll out. She didn't need to save the shooter or anything in the 10th. And you're not going to get a much easier double takeout than that in the 11th. Hit it on the nose, spill two and win.

95% of the time she should make those shots, but she didn't because the pressure got to her.

Melodie said...

Hey, I'm just curious what is your opinion about the women's hockey team and how they celebrated.

I've read two blogs so far that are totally disproving of it.

I didn't see the harm in it at all...

p.s. OMG I hope the men can do better in their curling!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are still wondering, the ESPN columnist is Bill Simmmons, aka The Sports Guy.