Friday, February 05, 2010

Sketchy Jerome

I'm mildly googly-eyed from staring at computer screens for so long today, so no big blog update. About the only thing I have planned for this evening is watching the director's cut of Watchmen to see if it's any better the second time through (so far, not really) and eat some popcorn.

So in lieu of serious blogging, I give you Colleen Power's latest music video - Sketchy Jerome. I have a deep love of Colleen's music, even if "Rejects" isn't one of her best albums, it's at least produced some fun music videos. Of course, having a husband who is a pretty good director also helps quite a bit.

And on the off-chance Colleen swings past the blog, you are going to put out an album of new songs soon, right?

Back tomorrow with some resembling a normal blog post.

Last Five
1. Back in the USSR - The Beatles
2. Flames - Dear Leader*
3. Guns of Brixton (live) - The Clash
4. Tangled - Maroon 5
5. Lady - Regina Spektor

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