Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Low on fuel

So yeah, the dry streak continues on the blogging parts. No idea why, really. Just finding getting motivated or finding sources of inspiration a touch challenging. And most of the stuff out there is kind of blah.

Could I get wrapped up in the ongoing insanity over Danny Williams heart, but honestly, that way lies madness and deeply, deeply batshit insane people. I honestly don't know how I feel about all of it, because the whole issue is so clouded with crazies.

Also, not a big surprise that he's sticking around. You don't announce you're quitting politics or setting a deadline for your retirement from a condo in Florida on the NTV Evening News.

I could say that I apparently don't know what gold medal winning ice dance routine looks like. And I'm all right with that because, as I've said before, it shouldn't be an Olympic sport. Good on Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir for winning a gold and all. And hey, bonus points for cranky, poor loser Europeans griping about it.

Still though, not a sport. Kind of hard to get my "Go Canada Go" up for it.

And that's it. That's all that's caught my eye in the past 24 hours. Man, I'm going to be putting out a suggestion box pretty soon. Things are starting to get a bit desperate.

Anyway, tomorrow is a better day, hopefully.

Last Five
1. Only mama knows - Paul McCartney
2. Baby's in black - The Beatles
3. The fish and the bird - Mark Knopfler
4. Don't wake daddy (live) - The Tragically Hip
5. Heaven can wait - Meatloaf


Megan said...

Dry spells suck. That's when I pull out the Bible.

Anonymous said...

What about curling? Should that be an Olympic sport?

Anonymous said...

I get that you don't get figure skating, and that's ok, I'm not going to try to change your mind, there's no hope that Icould. That being said, there is a criteria for how they are scored technically - and there is a componet of artistic merit, so there is a subjective element. Not everything is measured with a bite stick. Nor should it be.

Saying that ice dance is not a sport is tantamount to saying that there should not be awards for literature, or another passion of yours, the Oscars, because there is no objective mesure of how good something is. Just because it can't be mesured in distance, or speed doesnt meant that there aren't specific things that they are being scored on. It actually means that there are about 50 things that they are being scored on all at once, any you're just not aware of them.


If you're interested.


towniebastard said...

Awards for literature, movies, music and theatre are, for the most part, completely subjective. They are often groups of people using different methods - artistic merit, emotional response, freebies sent by labels and studios - to decide who they're going to vote for.

It's a flawed process. Entertaining and all, but flawed and everyone knows it going in. Half the fun is going "are you kidding me?" when the winners are announced. Rarely does the best movie of the year win the Oscar. According to Rotten Tomatoes the best reviewed movie of 2009 was UP, with something like 98% of the reviews being positive. I will guarantee you it won't win best movie.

Figure skating is just too susceptable to corruption and other influences. One of Canada's own Olympic officials called figure skating a "nightmare sport" and that you will never get judging scandals removed from the equation.

You could see it with some of the European teams grumbling about Canadian crowds influencing the judges. And I will bet you money there are people, quietly, saying Rochette shouldn't be in third but is there because of the tragic circumstances of the past few days.

I just like my Olympics a little more pure. I like it when a team outscores another team or a person goes faster than anyone else. Aerials and figure skating are fun to watch and all, but as Olympic sports, they're just a frustration to me.

Bruce said...

I started reading your blog because it took an honest and personal view of Newfoundland issues, with occasional forays into 'life in the North'.

It seems you have become too disconnected from issues in Newfoundland to really get into them with any bite. A bit of outrage now and again when things get really ridiculous, but for the most part you seem to have given up on that front.

Perhaps the place where you actually live could provide some of your old bile, get your previously hot spleen up to the boil again?

A few examples that I am curious about:

-does anyone give a shit about the environment up north? what about all the breast beating about global warming we hear down south, does this register at all up there? where do you put garbage and sewage in such a sensitive environment? how do you keep from going mad with no trees, grass or other plant life around you?

- what is life like for the entrepreneurs up there - can you actually make money there if you do not work for the government? how does it feel to live in a place so heavily subsidized? can you morally justify the subsidies that allow Iqaluit to survive?

- what are relationships like with the Inuit in the town? From the south, Iqaluit sometimes looks like a Newfoundland colony...how do the colonized feel about this?

-what about booze up north? this seems a plague from what we read down here; is that an accurate picture?

Public affairs would take more time then comic books and curling, but curious readers want to know.

Anonymous said...

Your criticism of ice dance as "not a sport" suggests you must be bored out of your mind and just want to pick a fight.
I still can't figure out curling but i'm not about to bash it.
Good luck.
Paul Northcott

SRD said...

i'm with bruce on this. total sympathy with weird situation of getting out of touch with Nfld and difficulty of engaging in politics of a place where you're an incomer, but give it a go.

Melodie said...

Wow, sounds like you're in a tough spot, being away from Newfoundland for so long and having your home up north, but yet you still feel attached to Nfl.

Well of course it's your blog, and therefore your opinions. So these people like Bruce sure are cranky.

I wonder if you're going to address these comments. lol I bet you weren't expecting this as your 'inspiration' out of your 'low fuel', lol.

I've never lived anywhere else either far, or that is different from my home city, so I would imagine that you feel attached to both, and that you feel that both places impact you equally, so therefore of course you want to write about issues from both places.

The Perfect Storm said...

William's heart surgery choice was based on ignorance - or so says the Globe, here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/williamss-heart-surgery-choice-was-based-on-ignorance/article1480937/

Talk about it amongst yourselves.

Just stirrin' the pot.