Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Success rate

So I did all right on my Oscar guesses. I think this was the best one I've had in years, which is nice. Let's take a look at how I did.

Best Movie - 8/10. The two I got wrong were Crazy Heart and Invictus. Instead, The Broad Side and A Serious Man got in. I probably could have guessed one of those two, but I am surprised Invictus didn't get in. On the other hand, I got District 9 right, which is awesome. I was debating one out of left field pick, like The Hangover or Star Trek, but went with District 9.

Of course, ten nominations is still a waste of time. There are only three movies in competition - The Hurt Locker, Avatar and Up in the Air. And that last one, an easrly favourite, seems to be dropping off of some lists.

Best Directo
Nailed all five. Am I good or what?

Best Actor
4/5 The only one I got wrong was picking Mortensen over Colin Firth. And I kind of knew that, but I figured I might go with a slight longshot. Man, the Academy really didn't like The Road very much. Then again, given the box office, no one but critics really seemed to like it very much.

Best Actress
4/5 It seems I owe the Academy an apology as they went for talent with Helen Mirren rather than sexy with Penelope Cruz.

Best Supporting Actor
4.5/5 Well, I got all five actors right, I just got Tucci for the wrong role. I had him for Julie and Julia, but they gave it to him for The Lovely Bones. Ah well. By the way, that's another movie the Academy didn't care much for, despite all the hype last year.

Best Supporting Actress
3/5 I'm actually pleased with that, given the long history of this category of picking weird nominees and even stranger winners. I missed Vera Farminga and, oh, Penelope Cruz. Considering no one liked Nine very much, I guess they do want her for the tight dresses after all. Although I am glad that my longshot pick of Maggie Gyllenhaal made it in.

Best Original Screenplay
3/5 I got the three I knew were a lock and the other two, well, not so much. A Serious Man and The Messenger got it instead. I should really check into those two movies, as they got a few more nods than I expected.

Best Adapted Screenplay
3/5 Again, the three I was sure about got in. I've never heard of In The Loop before, so I don't feel bad about missing it. I don't think it was on too many other short lists either, for that matter.

Best Animated Movie
4/5 Ponyo didn't get in, much to my shock and something called The Secret of Kells did. Never heard of that one either so, again, don't feel too bad about missing it.

So I hit 83.3 per cent of my picks. Not to shabby whatsoever. I'll take it. Once we get closer to the actual awards, I'll make my picks for the actual winners.

Last Five
1. Bitter tears - INXS
2. Golden age of radio (live) - Josh Ritter
3. The supreme being teaches Spider-Man how to be in love - The Flaming Lips
4. To wild homes - The New Pornographers*
5. Working on a dream - Bruce Springsteen

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Jordan~Stephanie said...

Sorry I missed you at Curling . . .

AVATAR was amazing. That is SCI-FI at it's best.

I have the drive all ready for you so, I'll come find you soon!

Great post.

Sorry again TB!