Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enough with the snow

So, the best laid of plans and all. We had planned to hit some of the Haiti benefit shows last night, but then a blizzard hit town, killing that idea. It was still bad enough this afternoon that my plans to head down to the curling club to play a game against the new Nunavut Arctic Winter Games team went by the wayside. So it's been homeward bound most of the past 24 hours. No cabin fever yet, although I am watching the Grammys right now, always a sign that perhaps my mind is starting to go a bit.

I've been assured that I'm not losing my mind when it comes to the snow, though. For the past few years we lived "downtown" and there were times when the city shut down for weather when we were looking out our windows and going "why?"

So I wasn't sure if Iqaluit was actually getting hit with more snow this winter or if where we're living in a new part of town we're just getting exposed to a different kind of weather. And yes, that's entirely possible in Iqaluit. Some parts of the city get hit harder during storms than others.

However, this winter we're getting a lot more snow than in previous winters. This is a delightful experience for me as I'm decidedly out of practice when it comes to shovelling snow. I've done more in the past two months than I have in the previous 4+ years of living in Iqaluit. We also have to clear most of the snow away from the front of our houses not just for our vehicle, but also for the water truck and the sewage truck.

So that isn't getting annoying at all. Now, we could hire someone to come and plow our driveway, but that's about $100 a month and we're not really at the point where that's a good idea for our bank account.

Although I do find myself in an interesting new quandary. I always said I would take the cold over the snow any day of the week, just because I hate shovelling that much. However, now that I have oil bills to deal with, I might have to reevaluate that idea. I might take snow over $400 oil bills.

This house keeps changing my experiences in dealing with things, I must say.

And yes, in case you couldn't figure it out, I didn't really have much to write about this evening. However, I haven't lost my ability to ramble, which is good to know.

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