Friday, January 29, 2010

A Friday assortment

A quick assortment today, I think, rather than the full blown post.

1. If you are in Iqaluit and have nothing to do tomorrow evening you should go to this fundraiser to help Haiti. For that matter, if you do have something to do, cancel and do this instead. It's a great cause and, once again, my hat is off to Jordan. This was his brainstorm and he's been organizing most of this. Awesome job, my friend.

You can also go here and here.

2. The Learn to Curl has gone well so far this week. We've had a lot of kids out during the day time that we've been giving a taste of curling. Most, of course, will never step on the ice again. However, we hope we've planted the seed with a few of them. And hell, some of them were hitting the button on their first shots. I might try and recruit some of those 10 year olds to play on my team. Or is that child labour?

We have one more session open to the general public, which is from 1-3 on Saturday afternoon. Come on down. And for those who are really curious, we also have a set up that will tape your slide and a coach who will analyze it for you and give tips on how you can improve it. I did it Thursday night and spotted a few quirks in my delivery that I hope to fix.

3. It's nice being employed again. And yes, some of it is for the simple, pragmatic reasons of being able to contribute to the mortgage and the bills again in a significant way.

On the other hand, it's also nice that after six months to finally cut loose at Chapters, which I did last night. I have a huge order coming and I do not feel the slightest regret about it. I have a wish list six months long to get through.

4. I don't know why I find this so amusing, considering people put houses for sale up on the bulletin boards at the post office and NorthMart worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or vehicles up worth tens of thousands. However, someone has stuck up on the boards tickets for the opening and closing of the Winter Olympics. And it's not just a pair of tickets, but something like seven tickets for each ceremony.

Oh, and the person wants $1,500 for each ticket for the opening, $1,000 each for the closing. Just stuck up on the board with some phone number tags you can tear off. And somebody must have money to burn because several tags have been ripped off. So I guess some people are heading from Iqaluit down to for the ceremonies. And with some serious money to burn. I mean, I wouldn't drop $150 on a ticket for the opening ceremonies, let alone $1,500 each. But hey, that's just me.

5. I take no credit for this happening, but I still laughed when I first saw it pop up on Facebook and Twitter. Alas, of course, the more publicity you give groups like PETA, the more they love it. I mean, obvious, the girl was prepared for something like this to happen and had her speaking points ready.

6. And finally, for all those stories out there talking about Avatar is the biggest movie of all time, here's a little perspective. In terms of ticket sales, which is probably a better measure, it's actually 26th worldwide. Yes, a movie like Gone With The Wind didn't face as much competition in theatres, let alone things like TV and the internet. However, it never hurts to put things in perspective.

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tanker belle said...

I really don't get what the fuss is over Avatar. Yes, pretty graphics, but I tend to like a story - and when I can follow a story without interpretation even though I'm watching it in a foreign language, how fucking deep or complex is that? No more than a video game.