Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad day

It's been a day of almost unrelenting horror every time I've looked at things on line. The Globe and Mail has been filled with one bad story after another about the state of things, with some reports putting the death count into the hundreds of thousands. The Boston Globe have been putting up a series of devastating photos of the aftermath of the earthquake as well. I've been refusing to turn on the TV and flip over to Newsworld or CNN because I'm simply not certain I can handle it.

Then I made the mistake of following a few links I saw pop up on Twitter and hear Rush Limbaugh espousing bigoted insanity that I thought would be the low point of my day. That was, sadly, until I followed another link to Pat Robertson saying the Haitian people deserve this because they made a deal with the devil to get their freedom from the French.

There are days, honestly, when I don't understand how my computer doesn't end up flying through a window. So in the interest of trying to balance out some of the asshole karma floating around out there in the world today, please go to the Red Cross website and make a donation to help out.

In the meantime, I desperately needed a laugh, any kind of laugh, to keep me going until the Daily Show this evening when I hope Jon Stewart rips these two morons so badly that they are shamed from the planet (fat chance, but one can dream). Little did I suspect the source of my biggest laugh of the day would come from Adolph Hitler. H/T to John Gushue for the original YouTube link. Perhaps it's deeply wrong to find this funny, on today of all days, but sometimes you just need a laugh to keep yourself going.

Here's something I'd also never thought I'd see myself type...but Hitler is right. Jay Leno should just go away and play with all of his money. The time when he was funny was a long, long, long time ago.

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Chris said...

I hear what you’re saying. It’s not a good day to be watching the news. It’s easy to get desensitised to a lot of the crap we see on a daily basis, but this kind of suffering is hard to fathom. And listening to right wing nutbars like Limbaugh and Robertson, who said that the Haitians deserved this, only makes me cringe even more.

I guess if you really wanted a reason to toss your computer, you could have tuned into FOX News and watched Sarah Palin being interviewed by Bill O’Rielly. There are two intellectual giants for you. If brains were butter, these two won’t grease too big a pan.

And further to your post on late night TV, it seems the battle online is heating up with Conan having widespread support. I wonder if this will impact any decision by NBC.

Here's the link:

Jay vs. Conan