Monday, January 25, 2010


This is one story where I won't be insane enough to read the comments section. Because I have a pretty good idea that it will result in brain hemorrhages, homicidal rages and other unpleasant reactions.

However, here's the thing about some anti-seal protester assaulting a cabinet minister. Sorry, but I've always thought slamming a custard pie (or tofu cream pie) into someone's face was an idiotic form of protest. Even when it's people I don't particularly like, all I can think is "that's the best you can do?"

However, when it's anti-seal hunt protesters, my blood pressure does go up a tick, I must confess. So I think I shall pass along a suggestion I saw on Twitter earlier today. The best revenge for this sort of thing is to make up a bunch of seal flipper pies, find a bunch of PETA protesters, or better yet, some of PETA's board of directors, and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Now, I'm not an idiot. I know I said it's an idiotic form of protest. I said it in the previous paragraph. But, you know, just once, just fucking once I'd love to give these arrogant bastards a taste of their own medicine.

It's stupid, it's wrong and I should be above it. I guess I should feel bad they've driven me to this. But I think I'll manage to get over the feelings of hypocrisy if just once I could see the president of PETA with a nice gravy dripping off of his face. I think I could live with that.

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Charlie Cheeseman said...

Would love to get a snapshot of that moment. I second the motion!

Ron said...

1) No form of protest is idiotic. I hate to use this cliche but "an avalanche starts with one pebble". You don't know the impact your protest will have. It still gives me a small dose of joy to recall that someone "pied" John Perlin at a gala dinner in Toronto once.

2) It is a hallmark of how jaded and out of touch we have become that we do not see "pie in the face" used more often to gently admonish people seriously needing to get over themselves.

3) The best revenge is served cold so make sure the Flipper Pie has been in the fridge.

4) If you insist on saying you aren't an idiot you give people the option of disagreeing with you.

5) There is nothing wrong with your wish as long as it is sincere and the intention is to correct behaviour as opposed to gratuitously humiliate.

Melodie said...

Argh! I hate PETA people...but o well, let's not hate on those who are not as mentally stable as the rest of us...

I hate how some hippy/whatever you call them people down in California start such ridiculous trends...Obviously a California lifestyle is not suitable for MOST anywhere else...Then people in Ontario and other places try to act all righteous too, not even stopping to think.

I've been to California (mainly just LA area and San Diego). Here's my overall summary of the vibe I got from that place: A mix of smug and desperation...*sigh*.

Well, even though I don't think I could manage the cold up in Nunavut, I support 100% what you do up there, it's a way and a lifestyle that shouldn't be punished! *my support*

Kirsten said...

Heheh. I may be opposed to the seal hunt myself (shock! horror! I must not be a true Newfoundlander!) but if you were ever going to pie somebody, I gotta give you credit for making it a little more creative and thematic.

Without getting into a whole pro/anti hunt debate, I suspect that with the money Canada has spent on PR campaigns whitewashing the seal hunt and trying to convince the EU that we're not bloodythirsty cannibals, they could have paid off every seal hunter for enough years for them to find a new career...

The pale observer said...

I'm with Kirsten.. but also many avid followers of a cause take things so far they become nut cases. I'm sure the main PETA supporters fit the bill. A good pie'll do 'em!

Anonymous said...

PETA gives me hemorrhoidal rages.

towniebastard said...

Kirsten, someone will be by shortly to call you a quisling or a traitor, I imagine.

I've never minded an intelligent debate on the seal hunt. Hell, I don't even mind people who oppose it because they're vegans because at least they have the convictions of their beliefs....they think harming *any* animal is wrong.

However, it has gone past the point where intelligent debate is possible. Because as soon as you do, somebody jumps in and pours napalm on the proceedings.

It's gotten to the point where it's tofu cream pies vs. seal flipper pies. That pretty much sums up the level of debate on the seal hunt right now.

Nancy Crozier said...

Melodie, I'm not sure why you mention Ontario in particular. The pie-wielder is from New York. And I daresay Canadians from other provinces oppose the hunt, too.

There are 11+ million people in Ontario, which should make it pretty tough to generalize about us (about anything).

Many of us support the seal hunt. As a canvasser for the WSPA learned when he came to our door the other evening...

Melodie said...

Sorry Nancy! I was only targeting Ontario since I live in Ontario. I know that of course there are people for and against such issues of seal hunting anywhere.

Anyways, I was just lamenting about the people that feel all 'righteous' about seal hunting, as if they really know what's best...

I think Kristen's idea was the best. Instead of Canada wasting money on PR to the EU, that money should be given to the hunters, which probably WOULD help them a lot, and allow them to consider another line of career if so needed.

I hope this clears up everything.

p.s. One day I'd love to do a cross-Canada tour, that would be so SWEET! *some day...*

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, intelligent debate is possible. This article is a coulpe years old, but one of the most rational ones you could hope to find:

The Perfect Storm said...

I like the 'terrorist organization' designation that's been floated.

Not that it has merit, just that it has the right "harrass 'em until they're too busy fighting it to be of any further nuisance" tone.

It is disgusting that a duly elected political representative has to be worried about their physical safety (how long before some moron ratchets up the ante?).

I can vehemently disagree with our public officials (and boy at times do I!) but I would never, ever imagine going beyond telling them to their face what I frankly thought of their efforts. They should never have to worry I or someone else believed Canadian politics should devolve into anything more challenging to a politician's sense of self than a well aimed and righteous bon mot.

After all, the pen is still mightier than the pie anyways. Why waste good custard on 'em?!


Anonymous said...

I would prefer a 'bunch of fucking dickheads' designation.

Nancy Crozier said...

Thanks, Melodie. I get so tired of Ontario-bashing, which of course I now realize you weren't doing (bashing which is particularly ironic since so many Ontarians come from other provinces).