Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Nunies are Go!

I guess it's time for the lobbying to begin. The first wave of the Nunies is over with and we have our finalists. You can go here to vote. This blog is in two of the three categories - Best Blog and Best Blog post. Alas, Best New Blog will be an award that will be forever out of reach for me.

Every blog listed here is an excellent one, well worth taking some time to take a look at. It's also interesting that each of the blogs come from a different part of Nunavut. I'm in Iqaluit, Babes and Bulldogs is in Cape Dorset, Way Way Up used to be in Arctic Bay, but is now in Alberta. Cindy, Matt and our Furry Friends live in Rankin Inlet and the Nedzeilski Family are in Kugaaruk.

That's a nice mix. I like the fact that not all of the blog are located in just one or two communities. Clare and I used to joke about whether Arctic Bay or Iqaluit was the blogging capital of Nunavut. However, I don't think there is one right now. The blogs are spread out, which is good.

I'm also in the Best Blog Post category. After a lot of soul searching I decided to put forward my post about my grandfather dying. It still feels a bit odd putting something that personal up for a Nunie, but it was my best writing of the year, I think. Time will tell if other believe it to be the same.

Voting will go on for one more week. Please swing by and vote. And hey, if you were to happen to vote for me, all the better. It sure would be nice to win the Best Blog after last year's nail-biting loss to Port Town Ghosts in overtime.

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