Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rambling from one spot to another

Of course on the day the CBC runs a story about all the mild weather we're having in Iqaluit and how its creating havoc at the airport the temperature goes into free fall. It's currently -23C with a windchill of -39C. I realize I can't reasonably blame this turn of events on Canada's national broadcaster, but what the hell, way to jinx things guys.

Speaking of the CBC, I hear there's some show based out of Newfoundland debuting this evening. Haven't read much about it, of course. Seems pretty under the radar and all...

That, of course, is why sarcasm is so hard to translate into print. Anyway, the CBC has been doing the full court press on The Republic of Doyle, to the point where I was actually getting annoyed with the volume of ads promoting the show when trying to watch "18 to Life" the other night (there's a CBC show I won't be watching, that's for sure. A few cute moments, but desperately formulaic and dull).

Obviously I'll be watching this evening and I encourage people to give the show a shot. I just pray it's good. Because given the amount of money I've heard the CBC put into the production of the show and the staggering amount of promotion they're giving it, if the show isn't a smash, hell will freeze over before the CBC gives money to another Newfoundland production again. Seriously.

So please be good, please. I'll do a review of it tomorrow.

Finally, and segueing along the TV theme, I caught only a few minutes of the junior hockey final last night. I realize opting to go and see "Fantastic Mr. Fox" instead of staying home and watching junior hockey probably means I'll have someone knocking on my door to revoke my Canadian citizenship shortly. However, I really wanted to see that movie and I could honestly care less about junior hockey.

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" was great, slightly surreal fun, by the way. However, I certainly understand why it's kind of bombing at the box office. It's a bit too weird for both kids and adults. It's a very expensive adult indy film. But it looks great and I laughed out loud several times.

Anyway, when I came back I caught enough of the hockey game to catch the absolutely idiotic new "chant" that Pepsi sponsored in a contest - "Eh O' Canada Go". Dear God, the horror. Anybody who actually chants that at a game deserves a smack in the mouth. Fortunately, there appears to be enough outrage over it that it's not likely to ever catch on.

There we go, weather, "The Republic of Doyle", "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and a stupid hockey chant all loosely tied up in one blog post. Mission accomplished.

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BayGirl said...

LOL my boyfriend hasn't stopped griping about that stupid chant since the first time he heard it. It is pretty lame, I have to admit...although I will never tell him that because it will only encourage his ranting...and it's annoying enough to have to hear the chant without the neverending rant afterwards...

SRD said...

Supposedly, the warm weather you guys are having, is related to the cold weather we're having. The BBC has some good stories/maps including one that mentions Goose Bay. It was -15C in Oxfordshire last night, although it's not got below -7C up here in sunny Edinburgh.

towniebastard said...

We're also responsible, somehow, for all the cold Alberta was getting. I'm perfectly all right with others suffering while we get some mild temperatures.

Of course, it's -47C with windchill here today, so things should be warming up in your neighbourhood soon enough.

SRD said...

I'm thinking about getting snow tires for my bike :)