Friday, January 01, 2010

Where's my monolith

Ah, 2010. Much as I was disappointed with the lack of space stations and moon bases in 2001, I'm bitterly disappointed we have no Jupiter mission to figure out what's up with that giant monolith in orbit around Jupiter. Then again, I was never completely sold on that idea of changing Jupiter into a small star. Arthur C. Clarke was good, but I guess the world wasn't good enough to keep up with him.

A decent enough New Year's eve for us. We went to Zapatas for supper. We were craving good Mexican food and we can always count on Zapatas to deliver. Although the waitress said something curious at the time, but was spot on. She was complaining that since they moved the fireworks from the harbour out to Quidi Vidi Lake, downtown bars and restaurants have taken a hit. I can believe it. Downtown seemed pretty dead all evening long. Zapatas wasn't full and even when we were walking around downtown we didn't see as many people as usual.

Then again, this seemed to be a quiet New Years. One of my friends was lamenting about how all of his friends had gotten old because few of them were going out. So perhaps people are just happier staying home for New Years these days then going out.

After supper we popped up to see our friends Andrew and Karin, pretty much too say good-bye as we're not going to get the chance to see them again on this trip. Then after that we went down to the Rock House to see the Idlers and Mark Bragg.

It was a good show, although again, apparently I'm getting old as I thought it was a touch loud and I was perfectly happy to spend most of the evening sitting at a table and watching the bands rather than going out on the dance floor. Ah well.

Still, it was good to see some old friends there, like Niall and Rebecca. Plus my friend Andrea now manages the bar, which is kind of cool. Then there was Hans, who I did see a couple of weeks ago in Toronto, but was there with a woman named Ruth, who said she knew me from my blog. So yes, I've been 'blogged' again. Which never ceases to be a touch weird, but also kind of cool. On the upside, at least she never called me Mr. Bastard. Actually, Niall suggested I should legally chance my name to that.

Tempting, but perhaps after my parents have passed away and Cathy is legally insane, because that's the only way I can see that happening.

Still, a good night. A nice finale to our trip back to Newfoundland. Today has been sloth and this evening is supper at my mom's. Tomorrow morning we're braving the airports and hoping the weather, airlines and security don't screw things up for us. We hit Ottawa at 10am and then begin a madcap resupply mission. Costco, Ikea and Bulk Barn are on the top of the hit list...I'm not sure what we've got to do after that, but we'll see.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and here's hoping 2010 is a good one.


Clare said...

Happy New Year.

I can see Cathy not wanting to be known as Mrs. Bastard. Perhaps though if you suggest that she could call herself The Bastard's Consort, she might warm to the idea.

Perhaps not.

Ruth said...

Today when I remembered introducing myself, my next thought was "I bet he'll mention that in his blog" :)

I'll email the picture I took to Hans and he can forward it along, if you'd like.

towniebastard said...

Bloggers are bastards, my dear. We're desperate for anything to write about.

Hans sent me the photo...thanks for that. And I admit to being curious as to how you found the blog...then again, I'm curious about anyone who finds their way here who is not friend, family or looking at moving to the north.

WJM said...

I think I saw your monolith in the First Air freight shack.

WJM said...

Cathy is a Bastardess.