Friday, April 10, 2009

Up, up and away

So we're leaving on a jet plane in about two hours. We're off to Ottawa for a much needed break. But being the dedicated blogging lad that I am, I'll still try to put something up every day while we're down there. Although that might get disrupted if we put Cathy's laptop in for repairs. Nothing serious, just some of the plastic around the keyboard is badly cracked and currently held in place by duct tape. So if we can get that fixed quickly and without it costing a small fortune, then we will.

Oh, and I promised a winner for the "Naming the Walruses poll". We had 55 ballots case and it was a tight race. So tight in fact that it was a tie between Ivey, Vic, and Rosmarus, with Drink, Drank and Drunk. They both had 12 votes each. Now, I could do a run-off vote for this, but I think I'm just going to use my executive power and cast the deciding vote.

So your walruses are now officially Ivey, Vic, and Rosmarus....although I suspect that will be shortened to Ivy, Vic and Rose.

Anyway, off to the airport. You all behave now....

Last Five
1. It takes one of know one - The Donnas*
2. Handshakes - Metric
3. It's catchin' on - Joel Plaskett Emergency
4. Heaven can wait - Meatloaf
5. The precience of Dawn - The Weakerthans


Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday. Keep an eye on your passport this time.

SRD said...

yay! Good names. (you needed a single transferrable vote system or something so that people could have second choices!)