Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Polling numbers

As I've said, I'll refrain from discussing Nunavut at 10 today. But if you want to see what others are thinking, by all means just type "Nunavut" into a News Google search and read away to your heart's content. Lord knows there are plenty of people out there willing to express their opinion. Although I will offer a caveat...if you live in Nunavut, for the sake of your sanity do not read the comments section to any story. Granted, I think that's wise advise under any circumstances, as the comments section of far too many news stories seem to bring out the ignorant in such droves that I want to pour bleach into my eyes. But I did click on the comments for a Globe and Mail story and instantly regretted it.

However, if you're curious as to what people think of Nunavut, and the north, in more scientific terms, then this bit of polling might be of interest.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by how little most people know. I suspect most Nunavummiut have stories about trying to explain to your fellow Canadians where you live and yes, there is such a place. And yes, it makes sense that place that actually boarder on the Northwest Territories or the Yukon would know more about the north than Atlantic Canada. Still, I find my home region's lack of knowledge a touch depressing. Although given the way that poll was done, they probably only interviewed 30 people from Atlantic Canada and seven from Newfoundland and Labrador, so I should take it with a healthy pinch of salt.

Anyway, I hope wherever you are in Nunavut that you have a good day celebrating 10 years. And if you're not up here, then do a bit of reading and learn a bit more about the place. There's a lot more of interest happening up here than most people think.

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KOTN said...

I'm talking about this poll at length tonight on the show, interesting stuff. look for it following me getting my ass kicked by school children at traditional games.