Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three thoughts on Tuesday

So let's see, it's getting late on Tuesday, let's see what quick things I can mention this evening.

1. I'm happy to see this story about the possible reopening of an air route between Nuuk, Greenland and Iqaluit. I've wanted to go to Greenland for years and it's kind of silly that it's two hours away by air and you can't get there directly from here. Instead, you can literally spend days shagging around with planes trying to fly to Greenland.

The question becomes how much will the flight cost, of course. Because I'd also love to visit Arctic Bay, but I'm not paying the $2,000 to get there (sorry Clare). Same thing with Greenland. If a ticket is $700 or something, then I'd think about it. But if it's $2,000, well, I would have to think long and hard on that before taking the plunge.

2. Our cargo stuff didn't arrive today which, to be honest, would have been mildly miraculous. Although I really could have done without reading this today. Yes, I know these things happen all the time. Cathy had an order of Pampered Chef stuff arrive in the mail yesterday (she does the ordering for some of her co-workers) that looked like it had been used for soccer practice first.

So yes, intellectually, I know there are pretty decent odds are stuff is going to get put through the grinder getting transported up here. Still, you really don't want to see proof of what can happen right now. I hope it gets here all right. And soon.

3. Since the regular TV season is coming to and end in the next few weeks, it also means its time to take a look at what shows are "on the bubble". This is a pretty good list of what's hanging on by a thread and a depressing number of them are shows that I like. They include Castle, The Unusuals and Chuck. The thought of losing Chuck is especially horrifying, as Monday's episode was just so full of....awesome.

This is actually a pretty nice defence of why NBC should keep the show going. It is a pretty brutal time slot and I don't think they're going to find anything there that's going to do better. So here's hoping there's good news on the show soon.

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In Iqaluit said...

Nuuk, Greenland is one of my favourite places in the world... I have been there six times. The cost of the ticket will likely be more than $700 return but it is sooooooooooooooo worth it.