Friday, April 17, 2009

Stunned gaze

Forgot to update last night. We got back from a movie - "Fast and Furious" (about the right level of dumb) - and then I settled in to reading Christopher Moore's "Fool" and next thing I know it's 11:30 at that's it for the evening.

Besides, I have no great observations from our Ottawa wanderings yesterday. Well, there was the matter of Costco, I guess....

We've been debating whether or not to go to Costco, but finally decided "what the hell". But here's the thing, Costco is decidedly a dangerous place for people who have been up north for awhile. I mean, if you've ever been at the Wal-Mart at South Keys shortly after the First Air or Canadian North flight from Iqaluit hits Ottawa, it's a dangerous place. You can always spot the Nunavummiut in the place - they're the ones walking around in a daze, with a stoned, almost orgasmic look on their face. They're also not paying to where they're going, making them a hazard to their fellow shoppers.

So dropping us into a Costco, well, I admit it, I was worried. Costco is bigger than a lot of Nunavut communities, both in area and number of people.

We managed, but it was touch and go there for a bit. We stayed out of the fresh fruit, veggies and meat section because that would have been too cruel. But we did wander the rest with the appropriate stunned gaze on our faces. And before we hit the check-out we rechecked the cart to see if we really needed everything in it. Amazing how much stuff you put back when you do that sort of thing.

So other real Ottawa observations this time, except to say that I have been picking on the place a lot the past week. And I admit some of the bloom has come off the rose, as we have explored the city and the suburbs more, but it's still a nice place and I could see us living here one day. Although I wouldn't want to live in the burbs and I have no idea how we could afford to live in the city we'll see about that dream.

Anyway, we're off to find Cathy a dollar store, and then off to First Air to make sure this gift certificate I have for 100kg of free cargo works.


WJM said...

They're also not paying to where they're going, making them a hazard to their fellow shoppers.And that distinguishes them from any other Wal-Mart shopper (or Ottawa shopper, for that matter) how, exactly?

Nancy Crozier said...

I lived in Ottawa in 1989-92. I've only been back a few times, none of them recent, and I'm sure it's changed in some ways, but I wonder if it's still as safe to bike as it used to be.

I live in Toronto now and I wouldn't ride a bike here for love or money; whereas I used to bike everywhere in Ottawa.