Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Going to win

I know I said I was done with curling, but pardon me for this small vent. It comes from a story that was in News North this week about the Dominion Curling Club Championship. As I've mentioned before, I'm on the men's team representing Nunavut at this national event. It's a huge source of pride for me. That we get to represent Nunavut at a national championship is something I take very seriously.

How seriously? Starting when I come back from Easter vacation I'm signing back up with Atii Fitness. I want to get in better shape and drop at least 20 pounds. When you're in the front end of a good curling team, you have to be in good shape because you get called on to sweep a lot. When the ice goes back down in October I plan to be at the rink to get plenty of practice in. We're talking about flying up a professional coach to help teach what we hope is a large number of beginner curlers in the fall. But I also want to work with this coach to improve my delivery so I can play better at this event.

Cathy's has rightly chastized me for being too competitive on stuff. I don't need to come home grumpy because I lost a Wednesday night club game. I'm working on that and I think I've come a long way. But this is something else. It is:
1. A national championship.
2. The biggest sporting event I've ever competed at and may well be the biggest one I'll ever compete at.
3. I'm representing Nunavut.

So yeah, I'm taking this seriously. I'll have fun in Toronto. I'll enjoy the experience, the trip and all the great things we're getting (jackets, shirts, plane tickets, equipment, etc) but I'm taking this seriously. This isn't just a trip to Toronto to go shopping before Christmas and squeeze in a few games on the side. So imagine my insane frustration looking at the paper and reading that "there aren't big things expected for the two rinks..." (Nunavut is sending a men's team and a women's)

Speak for yourself. My goal is for the team to win three games. Is that insane? Unrealistic? I neither know nor care. That's my goal. To go down to Toronto and shock a few teams. To make the opposing skip have to to throw his last rock in every game just to have a chance to beat us.

I am not going to our first national level event in this sport and embarrasing Nunavut by getting creamed in every game. It's not happening.

Yes, I'll behave on and off the ice. Yes, I'll have a good time. And once the games are over I will gladly hang out with the other teams. I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun. But I don't need anyone telling me or other people not to expect much of us. We're going to win games and that's that.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about the media creating low expectations. On the flip side if you win a couple of games you could be Nunuvut's Brad Gushue.

tanker belle said...

Wooooooo-hoooooooo - kick ass! Just let everyone have low expectations, then they'll underestimate you - it's something that's working for you.