Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Monday night TV

There's barely a month left in the regular TV season, which makes me a touch sad because I'm settling into Monday nights quite nicely right now. Chuck continues to be a lot of fun, and last night had two awesome guest starts with Scott Bakula (who is aging quite nicely) and Chevy Chase (who really, really isn't). And there were even Quantum Leap jokes tossed in there. Cathy was bouncing up and down on the couch going "those were the same kind of sunglasses that he wore on Quantum Leap!" Chuck is filled with geek in-jokes, so I'm not doubting her word at all. She's also pleased that she managed to get one of the in-jokes well ahead of me.

But the show is building along quite nicely from something that I had my doubts would last six episodes.

Up until recently we had Jon & Kate Plus Eight at 9 p.m., which was more for Cathy than me, but I hung around and watched because of all the terrible shows on TLC (dear God, that show with the family with 18 kids), this is the least offensive to my sensibilities. But it's wrapped for the year, although there is controversy about whether it will be back.

At 10 pm there's Castle, which is turning into a nice little quirky murder mystery/procedural. Certainly helping is Nathan Fillon. For the record, I now "get" Fillon. There are some men that women have cruses on that I simply don't understand. But I've always understood why some women drooled over Sean Connery. Or why they lust after George Clooney, Viggo Mortensen or Robert Downey Jr. I think I can add Fillon to the list.

Plus, Castle is fun. I like the relationship the character has with his daughter (could pretty easily lose the crazy mom character) and the female cop character is coming along nicely as well. It's still a bit of a silly premise - mystery writer gets to go around with a cop to solve murders - but Fillion has got charming rogue with a heart of gold down pat, and the mysteries aren't completely idiotic.

Neither Chuck nor Castle have been officially picked up for next season, but here's hoping.

And then at 11 pm I watch House on Global, which has been a bit erratic this year, but hit one out of the park last night with the suicide of one of the main characters. Actually, the reason why the actor left the show is pretty cool.

And then that's pretty much it for me for the rest of the week. Fringe is back tonight, which is nice. I've been liking Better Off Ted on Wednesdays, but that has the air of Doomed around it and I expect it to be cancelled soon. And then there's the Amazing Race.

But I don't mind all the good TV being pretty much confined to one evening. Gives me time to go and do things the rest of the week.

Last Five
1. Doesn't anybody hear it - The Novaks
2. Of moons, birds & monsters - MGMT
3. I know I know I know - Tegan & Sara*
4. Working class hero - Green Day
5. A pair of brown eyes - The Pogues


Anonymous said...

Life on Wed nites is a great show. It is well written and the actors are great.

Adam Snider said...

A warning to any one who hasn't seen this week's episode of House yet, SPOILERS FOLLOW:

Personally, I thought that the suicide on House was a cheap way of getting a shock out of the audience. I understand that Kal Penn was leaving the show, but the way they choose to write him out felt lazy, to me.

I assume that there will be ripples throughout the rest of the season, so maybe my opinion will change as I see what sort of character development comes out of this storyline, but right now it just feels cheap and lazy.

towniebastard said...

I'd agree with it as well, but it does have potential. Kutner was the most easy going and fun of the three new doctors. House probably picked on him the least because he was competent at worst and had moments of House like insight at his best. He was good doctor and not as screwed up as the others.

So for him to kill himself and House not to be able to spot the signs would drive someone like him insane. He could notice a new pair of shoes on Cuddy and make an inference on her frame of mind. But to miss the signs of a man so depressed as to want to kill himself?

From the stories I've read they are planning on continuing this storyline of the rest of the season, at least. If Kutner killed himself and we heard no more of it for the rest of the season or show, then I'd agree with you. But it does have potential to be an interesting story.