Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rambling right along

Yeah, so no blog post yesterday. Sorry about that. I've been trying very hard this year to meet a goal of having at least 365 posts at the end of this year. Obviously I won't be posting every day, but there will be days when I feel particularly inspired and might crank out two or even three posts in the run of a day. So far, I'm doing all right. I'm actually ahead of the 365 pace, although this month is going to set me back a few days.

And god only knows what's going to happen when we go to Australia. We managed to do pretty good last year when in Italy about posting on a regular basis, but there's no guarantee that's going to happen over there. For that matter, I'm pretty sure there will be no post on July 13. It's one of those magic day where we don't exist, or the world doesn't exist, when travelling across the international date line. We leave Vancouver July 12 at 11:30 pm. We arrive in Sydney at 7:30 am on July 14.

I'll let others more into that sort of thing determine the state of our existence for that day. I just remember it deeply freaked me out when I went to Korea back in '96. Just wait until we're coming back when we have to deal with reality of arriving in Canada before we leave Australia. That and jet lag can mess you up for days.

So anyway, as I ramble on, yesterday I had nothing. It's been a relatively quiet week on the personal front for the two of us, so nothing there. Even reading the news didn't find me much. I really don't want to comment too much on the Piggy Pandemic as A. there's lots of people already talking about it and B. It has the potential to be a serious health issue and I wouldn't have even the slightest clue what I'm talking about.

Granted, that happens often, as others will likely tell you in the comments section. But when it comes to a health crisis, I feel more inclined to be restrained with my commentary.

So no, nothing really. Although I did read this and thing two things:
1. Wow, her husband is a spectacular asshole.
2. Wow, this spectacular asshole came awfully close to getting into the White House, either as vice-president in 2004 or as president in 2008.

Lord knows there's enough people out there talking and President Obama's first 100 days. I tend to agree with the group of thought that goes "who the fucks cares about the first 100 days?" Is he drooling on the carpet or starting new wars? No? Good job then.

But I think we can all be agreed that he's doing a much better job than if we had the drama of yet another philandering Democrat in there. Or, God help us, the white trash circus show that is the Palin family.

Huh...I guess if you sit down and just ramble along, you can magically find a blog post. How about that?

Last Five
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2. Strange loop - Liz Phair
3. New world man - Rush
4. The collected works - A.C. Newman
5. Subterranean homesick blues - Bob Dylan*

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