Saturday, April 11, 2009


So we've arrived safely in Ottawa without much in the way of incident. The odd unhappy baby and Cathy had one of her students sit next to her for the three hour flight. I had a pair of guys sitting next to me who I would have been concerned about their alcoholic intake (one of them had five beers and a cup of red wine), but 1. they both looked like guys who could handle their booze and 2. One of them was drinking Coors Light which, according to my beer connoisseur friends, barely classifies as recycled piss.

The amusing part came when we went to get our rental for the week. Whenever possible, we try to rent a car anytime we're in Ottawa, even if it's just overnight. For one thing, it costs about as much to rent as to get a taxi. And secondly, it means avoiding the obnoxious cabbies at the airport. The last cabbie we dealt with there cursed on us the entire ride from the airport to the Southways Inn because he had been waiting for a fare for three hours and he was just getting this crappy $10 one for all his troubles. He even griped when I gave him a $3 tip for a $10 ride.

So fuck that.

So we go over to Enterprise Car Rentals where we have a subcompact reserved for our time in Ottawa. And the guys are pretty nice, chatting away when the one dealing with us looks at his computer and starts laughing.

"So yeah, we're out of subcompacts so do you want a SUV or a mini-van for the week?"

So we're currently driving the USS Endeavor. All the damn thing needs is a set of warp nacelles and we would be ready to vacation on Vulcan this Easter. It's bloody huge, which is nice in a way because we're going to be transporting some large and awkward things this week, like a picture frame.

On the other hand, driving it is weird because it's the biggest thing I've ever been behind the wheel of. Plus parking lots are terrifying. I'm also dealing with this residual guilt thing because I'm sure no matter how much Mitsubishi is bragging about its fuel efficiency I'm destroying vast swaths of the ozone layer somewhere with this thing.

Ah well, we'll deal.

Anyway, we're off to finally take care of Cathy's Tim Horton's craving, then down to the Byward Market for a few hours and then off to a B&B we're staying at for the rest of the weekend.

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Kirsten said...

When I drove down to Seattle to see NIN last year, I asked for a subcompact, but the only car left was a bright... orange-red.... Dodge Nitro SUV.

Which matched my hair.

It was pretty much everything I was not. A bit too bling for my tastes.

However, the club girlies waiting in the border lineup next to me really liked it AND the fact that it matched my hair. I could've made some new friends.

I felt so guilty and conspicuous! But it was comfy, and the satellite radio was nice...