Monday, April 20, 2009

No theatre...

So we go for nine or so days and there is a bit of drama we missed. Yes, it was Toonik Time up here, which is the big spring festival for Iqaluit. I kind of regret missing it each year, but it's always takes place during the break at school, which means it's one of the few times we can go on vacation. I understand it was pretty good again this year.

But then there was a fire in town, well photographed over here. I will note that this is pretty much a hop, skip and a jump away from where we live, but the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, so it appears our building was never at risk. Also, I haven't heard of anyone dying in the fire, so that's good news.

Then again, we lived right next door to the Snack when it burned down in 2007 and we never even knew about it until the next morning when we were going down the stairs to work. We never heard a thing. Furthermore, no one tried to evacuate our building, just in case. Hell, even our car was in the same spot, literally less than 20 feet away from the fire. In retrospect, it was insane. I can't believe that happened, but anyway...

The other bit of drama has to do with the movie theatre in Iqaluit, which is now closed for the time being. Gah. As I understand it, a large sum of money was stolen, the owner is out of the territory on medical and the theatre's reopening is up in the air. It could open this week, next week, next month or never.

No movie theatre in town is very bad. Yes, I just saw a whole swath of movies in Ottawa, so I'm probably good for a few weeks. But just the month of May has me deeply scared. On May 1 there is the Wolverine movie. A week later is Star Trek, the week after that is Angels and Demons, which while not a necessity, I generally give anything Tom Hanks is in a look. Then there is Terminator: Salvation on May 22 and Pixar's Up on May 29.

I have some serious movie watching to do next month. There needs to be a movie theatre in town. When Cathy gave me the news at lunch time I said we should by the theatre. She thought I was joking. I was...barely. If it's still closed in June, I might not be anymore.

Oh, and speaking of Star Trek, I got a little gift in the mail today. We have friends in the US who have... connections within one of the major cereal companies. So I got these three neat little things.

I received the Klingon, Romulan and Federation Engineer toys. Yes, I am a geek. Plus, they probably saved me $30 or so if I wanted to go and get them the traditional route. It's not like cereal is cheap up here.

Now if only I can get to see the movie...

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3. I turn my camera on - Spoon
4. Our motto - Dear Leader
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SRD said...

Not having been to a movie theatre since mid 2006 (Carmen i Khayalitsha - Fabulous!), I was tempted to say 'get a life' but that would be unfair (not to mention unkind) since you obviously have more of a life than me. Anyway, good to hear you have an option if your contract's not renewed... (kidding...I hope). And to be fair, I'd quite like to see at least two of those films myself...

Matthew and Michele said...

I was shocked and disapointed when I arrived at the hotel to find the theater closed.


Need a partner in the theater idea let me know.

towniebastard said...

We might have to have a challenge on which of us has less of a life, my dear.

As for the contract stuff, I won't get into that too much on the blog, but it's still up in the air and the clock is ticking. So we shall see. I'm not panicking as there are options.

Simon said...

No theatre? Sounds like a business opportunity!

Matthew and Michele said...

I forgot to say thanks for the link. I always see a huge spike in visits when you do that.

towniebastard said...

You're welcome, although I'm baffled as to where the traffic is coming from. I'd say my traffic is down anywhere from 25-30% from the start of the year. Easter week was especially brutal. And no, everyone is not switching to feeds. Feedburner says only a dozen people follow me that way.

But hey, I'm happy to show more people towards your blog.