Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well, now....

....I wonder what this could be?. Something that's never happened in the 23 year history of Jeopardy....hmmmmm.

Here's a link to a teaser video.

As you can tell, there's already theories abounding on what it could possibly be. A three way tie for first. Someone who answers every question in a round. I'm curious enough that I might have to tune in tomorrow to watch. I'm hit or miss on watching Jeopardy. If it's on and I'm in the mood, I'll watch, but it's not like I'll make a special effort.

But something that may never happen again in the history of the show. Well, what the heck, I'm intrigued.


Geoff Meeker said...

Craig, I didn't see the show. Did you? If so, please spill! What was the big deal?

towniebastard said...

It was a 3-way tie for first place. Two players had $8,000 each and bet it all on Final Jeopaardy and got the right answer. The guy in first place could have bet more and won outright, but instead bid the exact amount to leave all three of them tied.

To be honest, even though Jeopardy officials say the odds are 1 in 25 million of this happening, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more. All you need are two player with the same score betting it all, and a player that doesn't feel like being completely ruthless.

It'll be interesting to see if the defending champ regrets that move on Monday when all three are back.

Geoff Meeker said...

Having not really watched a game show since 'Beat the Clock' with Jack Narz, I confess to not really knowing what you are talking about Craig. But I share the mild indifference you express in your second paragraph. Thanks for the update!