Saturday, March 10, 2007

Buy this man a drink

I've said before that I generally avoid talking about the seal hunt on this blog because I don't need to die young because of anti-hunt people induced stroke. Because you know they're out there, lurking, punching the phrase "seal hunt" into Google blog searches and getting ready to pounce and pontificate to the unsuspecting blogger.

Besides, I like my blog. I think it looks quite pretty right now. The last thing I want is crazed anti-seal hunt cooties all over it.

So if you're anti-hunt and you're going to come here ranting and raving, guess what, I don't have to play nice. You're deleted without comment.

Now, having said that, I enjoyed this article by Terry Glavin. It makes a large degree of sense to me and should I ever happen to run into Terry, I think I shall buy him a drink. You should too.

1 comment:

Transmontanus said...

And I'd buy ye one back.

- TGlavin