Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back to Mars

I mentioned earlier the week the shows that were on the bubble of being renewed. Sadly one of those shows is Veronica Mars. Myself and Cathy love the show, although we don't watch it every week. Welcome to the new media...we buy it when the complete season comes out on DVD.

The show is on the bubble because the rating are still fairly crap, despite having a cult following. I think they're around three or four million a week. Just as damning, and thoroughly depressing, it went on hiatus until May recently and the show in its time slot - The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll, had considerably higher ratings.

I would despair over this, but I no longer have any despair left to give when it comes to the cultural choices made by American citizens.

Obviously, this means there is a movement to Save Veronica Mars, including this lovely cartoon, where Dean Trippe expresses not only his desire to save the show, but also his contempt for the whole concept of Pussycat Dolls.

(I've watched about two minutes of the show and agree with a commentator who said it made him want to scoop his brains out.)

The latest on Veronica Mars is that it will either be canceled (probable), be renewed as it is now (unlikely) or spin off in a new direction (possible). That would involve jumping the show ahead four years into the future with Veronica as either a FBI agent, or as an agent-in-training. Which is quite doable seeing as how she's 26 years old, playing someone who about 19.

Most people seem to be saying the third season hasn't been as good as the first two. Which is possible. However, since the first two seasons were among the best I've seen on network television in years (no kidding, if you find the DVDs, buy them), I think you can forgive the show a small drop off in quality.

Anyway, if you're American, watch the show. If you're not, go and buy the DVDs. It's a great show and really, there are so precious few of them why not give it a chance to stay on the air.


Jennifer said...

Ian and I are nearing the end of the first season of this amazing show. We have the individual disks coming in the mail through Zip. This is a good thing because if we had the whole season at one time, I think we would stay up for days until we'd watched the whole thing.
It has such a fabulous plot line, character development AND a very catchy opening credit song! We can't get enough of Veronica Mars!

towniebastard said...

The Dandy Warhols do the opening credit song...and we're guilty of burning through the first season in about a week. I think we would have gone through it faster if we didn't have have to get up and work the next morning.

Christopher Greene said...

Veronica Mars is one of the shows that is saving television, in my opinion. As the Pussycat Dolls project seems to make evident, intelligent programming is too rare and precious to simply discard based on ratings!

Although, I wouldn't mind seeing an FBI spin, as long as it didn't turn into CSI: Neptune.

nin said...

OK, I watched 10 minutes of PcD.
Then I needed a bucket for the brains oozing outa my head. Wow. I *think* that they were performing in a strip club. Whatrethey? 16?

Dean Trippe said...

hey thanks for spreading the word, dude. i was really pleased to see all the positive response to my post.

v. mars is one of the best shows on tv, and deserves another season, hopefully with LESS network interference.