Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday night links

A few links on a Friday night as I watch Excalibur which is, alas, not hold up all that well with the weight of years. Cathy has already abandoned the film and is off to bed.

1. Oh, but would more media agencies follow the Associated Press' lead. For one week they banned covering any stories involving Paris Hilton. Alas, even the ban made news, which is kind of sad. And the AP only did it for one week. I wouldn't mind most major news agencies going ahead with a more permanent one.

2. Entertainment Weekly does an entertaining flashback on the Billboard Charts every couple of weeks. I'm not saying that this is the greatest Top 10 ever, but it's a pretty damn good one. Granted, I was 14 years old at the time this chart came out, but I still find about half the songs entertaining.

4. Along with getting good reviews for his performance on stage, Daniel Radcliffe has signed for the last two Potter movies. He's also apparently, not hurting for money.

5. That is one beautiful picture of Saturn

6. There's a lunar eclipse going to happen Saturday night which can be seen across Eastern Canada. Given that it is supposed to start at 5:30, which is just after sunset, I'm hoping to get a good view of it. With luck I might even try to take a few pictures.

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