Saturday, March 17, 2007

Countdown to freak-out

I'm astonished to read Newfoundland blogs today and not see a single reference to the editorial cartoon in the Globe and Mail today. I would have figured it would have set someone off. Ah well, I guess the Open Line shows on Monday will likely have some people freaking out about it. Or do they do them on the weekends as well? I never can remember.

So what was so evil about the Globe's cartoon? Well, I don't have a scanner to put it up here and it isn't online. So instead, a brief description.

An illustration of Mars. Headline reads "Landmarks O' Science."

Panel 1 Caption: 2007 - Euro space probe determines Martian south polar cap is over 3 km thick.

Panel 2 Caption: 2025 - Joint Innu/Newfoundland space shuttle lands on ice cap to conduct feasibility study on clubbing to death young of (sic) life forms found there.

Dialogue: "She's some thick here, St. John's...'n' Bardot-free, B'Jeez!"

So yeah, I think we can safely start the countdown on the collective provincial freak-out.

Am I freaking out? Ehhhh. If I freaked out every time the Globe and Mail did something to piss me off, I'd be going around ranting and raving all the time. It's not worth it. Besides, unless I'm missing something, there's actually a typo in the editorial cartoon. I'm trying to recall the last time I saw that.

Furthermore, if there was a joint space mission, I think it would be Newfoundland/Inuit, more than the Innu. But maybe that's just me. Furthermore, I think if we had space shuttle, we'd also create a death ray to take out protesters.

Then again, I might be going a little off the rails on the logic train here. I apparently tend to do that from time to time.

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Simon said...

Here's the link to the cartoon courtesy of Dennis Rice:
Not quite right...