Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ahhh, my friends

Owen's Mom is horrified to discover that my wife is not perfect. I shall refrain from commenting other than to say she's close.

Sadly, exposure to Monty Python has already taken place and failed to have any positive effect. I already own a copy of The Holy Grail, along with Live From the Hollywood Bowl, And Now For Something Complete Different and a few other Python discs. Hell, I even tried putting the soundtrack to Spamalot! on her iPod. She requested it be removed.

Sadly, some people's brains are just not wired for this kind of genius humour. She believes it's something you should have grown out of by the time you hit 19. However, OM may be happy to know that Cathy will gladly take her up on any opportunity to go drinking with her because she considers OM to be a fairly nifty chick herself. Although she believes the shrubbery can safely be left at home and that coconuts should be used for umbrellas and not "stupid horse noises."


For those curious, Dups has finally (that must have been some hang over considering how long it took for him to put them online) posted the results of the Annual St. Patrick's Day Drunk Dial. The winner was a wise choice since it is never wise to annoy the Queen, especially after she's had a few pints. She can be a real bugger when pissed.

For my money, the runner-up is "The Pirate Patricks", proving that a stupid concept can be funny if done just right. If I heard properly, another of my friends, Hans, did that one.

Oh, and Chris, I'm already baptized (see the "Baptized with spit" drunk dial entry). So should I be stuck dying in a jungle and you're nearby (and let's face it, odds are you will have something to do with me being in that condition) I'm already baptized so there is no need to spit on me. Just a head's up.

Ahhh, my friends. Hard to believe so many of them are still alive after 30 when I think about it.

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