Monday, March 05, 2007

Noting, nada, zilch

A touch of a dry spell has infected the blog, I fear. I wrote nothing on Saturday, the post on Sunday was actually something I had written earlier the week when I could think of tons of things to write about. I do have something else in the can, but I'm not posting that until March 8. You'll see why then.

There are actually times when I will sit down and write three or four blog posts in one shot. I'll then ration them out over several days. You always write the posts, or at least jot down the idea, when it hits you. I don't know if that's Rule #1 of writing or not, but surely god it's got to be in the top 10.

The thing is, I'm tapped out right now. That could change in a few hours. But right now, there's nothing. All's quiet on the northern front. We didn't go to the gym this evening because it's about -48 with windchill and we just wussed out. No two ways about it. We got home, turned up the heat, put on comfy clothing and decided there was no way we were going back out in the cold.

And that's it for our excitement. I didn't read anything in the news that caught my eye enough to comment on. Nothing radically stupid happened in entertainment news for me to comment on. I thought about doing a write-up on the Amazing Race, but the inspiration isn't really there for that either.

My friend Andrew in Nebraska turned 37 today. I would mock him for this, except a. I'm actually about six weeks older and b. he runs marathons and does weird shit like run to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago in 20 minutes or so. If I tried any of these things Cathy would be a young widow. So instead I welcome him to the club of being 37.

So yeah, there you go...a very Seinfeldian post....a blog post about nothing. Still, I feel a touch bad. Here, go play this game and become addicted. feel free to blame me later.

Tomorrow, hopefully something interesting.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell... I just wasted 20 minutes playing that damn game.

And I can't believe that I caught the latest on the Beatle (ex)wife from hell and you didn't feel the need to post on that subject....


towniebastard said...

It's addictive. Cathy is becoming leery of me playing it, but figures it's still better to waste an hour playing that as opposed to 10 hours playing Civilizations

And, um, I still can't find a story saying she's gone from that show.

Btw, that's 20 minutes of my life you owe me for making me search for a story about that woman.

Anonymous said...

colette said...

For some reason, I'm finding it vastly amusing that you guys are all hitting that late 30's demographic. There is absolutely no reason for this--I just am.

(41 and counting)