Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You know what will happen, right?

Yes, I'm back whacking away at MUN, but I have three things to mention on it, so I figured it's as good enough reason to bring this up again.

1. I haven't seen this point raised yet, but if it has, then I apologize. But this occurred to me the other day. MUN has been saying to not worry, this is just marketing and the logo. The name of the university legally remains the same - Memorial University of Newfoundland.

However, you realize that's not going to last, right? This isn't me doing conspiracy theories or being paranoid. It really only makes sense. If the logo stays and remains the way it is now then some bright person in administration is going to come along in five years or so and say the following: "Well, our new logo of Memorial University has been quite successful and people have accepted it. And since people now accept that the name is now Memorial University it only makes sense that we officially change the name of the university to reflect the logo."

And then they'll pass it through the Senate and the Board of Regents all nice and stealthy like (because when it comes to doing things so stealthy that it's practically too late to do anything about it, the fine folks at MUN are real pros at it.). Next thing we all know, there will be a motion on the floor of the House of Assembly asking for the name of the university to be legally changed. And by then it will probably be too late.

So for those who say it's just marketing and making things simpler and stop getting in a huff about it, perhaps. Rather doubt it, though.

2. And here was I thinking the anti-logo campaign was pretty much only online. Apparently not, there is a written letter protest going on as well. Here's something from the CBC Morning Show on it, by some of the people who fought MUN's original attempts at changing the name. Skylarkd is mentioned in passing.

3. After checking out my statcounter and chatting with other bloggers who have also been checking their statcounters, I've come to the conclusion that I want a job with University Relations. It seems like all they do is spend their days surfing the web reading bloggers writing about MUN. I mean, I work for a living, so this whole surfing the web and reading blogs for a living sounds pretty sweet. Do you get benefits with that?

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SkylarKD said...

Thanks for posting the link, I hadn't heard the interview.

There's a possibility that representatives from the university will be on the morning show with their rebuttal tomorrow (Thursday), at the same time - 8:45am NL time. I'm not sure if the interview has been confirmed though.